Disguised Toast predicts multiple streamers will be canceled over “skeletons” in closets

. 3 weeks ago
DisguisedToast spills tea on twitch

Twitch star Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang shocked viewers by revealing that multiple streamers could be canceled soon over “skeletons” in their closets.

Much like traditional celebrities, Twitch streamers have had their fair share of scandals in recent years with past discretions coming back to haunt them.

Sometimes, however, these scandals fly under the radar until they’re eventually disclosed to the public resulting in some major drama and depending on the seriousness, severe repercussions.

During a June 2 stream, Disguised Toast was answering viewers’ questions and revealed that some popular stars on the platform could be getting in serious trouble over some of their past actions.

Disguised Toast claims streamers could be getting canceled soon

“I’m very aware of everyone’s skeletons in the closet,” the Offline TV star revealed. “And I think it says a lot about their character.”

While the streamer didn’t disclose anyone in particular, he did say that he and his friends are planning on having a party and some of the cancelable figures are invited.

“I was looking at the guest list and I’m like, ‘f**k this guy, f**k this guy, f**k this guy. I don’t like them.’ But the other people are like ‘what’s wrong with them? They’ve always been chill,’” Toast claimed, noting how he’d never tell others the reason why.

“Honestly, some of them, I swear to God, will be canceled within the next year,” he added. “But I can’t say anything, because what am I going to say?”

It remains unclear exactly who Toast was referring to and what their offenses are. However, if these streamers do in fact attend this party, viewers might be able to piece together some pieces of the puzzle.

In any case, if Toast’s prediction about the streamers being canceled within the next year holds true, we shouldn’t have long to wait until they’re revealed.

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