Disguised Toast explains why he thinks Facebook is superior to Twitch for streaming

Disguised Toast Facebook Twitch logosFacebook Gaming/Twitch

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang, Canadian content creator and streamer, has explained why he prefers streaming on Facebook to Twitch, a decision that many questioned when it was first announced. 

Back in November of 2019, Disguised Toast announced that he would no longer be streaming on Twitch, and would instead be moving to Facebook Gaming. It was a move that prompted a mixture of responses.

Coming in the midst of a ‘Twitch exodus’, some proclaimed it as another mark against the Amazon-owned platform’s record. However, with Mixer subsequently collapsing and Twitch signing a number of its biggest stars to long-term contracts, the tide seems to have turned.

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Toast, who has always been a prominent defender of streaming on Facebook, has occasionally returned to Twitch, but made clear on February 13 that he still much prefers streaming through the social media giant.

FacebookDisguised Toast/Facebook
Disguised Toast joined Facebook Gaming a month before Corinna Kopf’s signage with the platform.

Speaking to kkatamina, the 29-year-old explained that he believes he has more freedom when streaming via Facebook, in almost every regard.

“They said Facebook changed him,” read kkatamina, prompting Toast to reply in his typically humorous manner.

“For the better,” retorted Toast, before continuing, “by padding my pockets. And unlimited freedom to do whatever I want. No more slaving every day trying to stream TFT, scrounging for some viewers. Please watch my TFT stream… please come over. Plus I get to listen to music on Facebook – oh no played 5 seconds of Taylor Swift on Twitch? Guess your account’s gonna be banned.”

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In short, it sounds like Toast prefers having fewer competitors to deal with, as well as greater freedom when streaming.

He also fired shots at Twitch over the platform’s DMCA issues, which saw streamers having to go back and remove hours of old content to try and avoid bans for playing copyrighted music.

While Toast has, in the past, returned to Twitch sporadically, it doesn’t sound like he’s even considering a full-time return to the platform, at least not anytime soon.

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