David Dobrik gets John Stamos to hint at his Hollywood income

. 2 years ago
David Dobrik, YouTube

YouTube star David Dobrik is more than a social media celeb; this content creator has connections all the way up in Hollywood, including names like Howie Mandell, Justin Bieber, and even John Stamos.

Dobrik is best known for his viral vlogs, which have included such stars as makeup mogul Kylie Jenner and, more recently, pop music sensation Justin Bieber, both of whom he surprised fans with in his signature Tesla.

However, Dobrik brought in a new face to his vlogs in mid-March, featuring notable Full House actor and comedian John Stamos in a short snippet of his video.

David Dobrik, Instagram
YouTube star David Dobrik has a slew of Hollywood buddies, including names like Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, and even John Stamos.

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In the clip, Dobrik gives Stamos a ride in his Tesla with his “vlog squad” friend group, before asking the celebrity exactly how much money he makes being a Hollywood star.

Of course, Stamos didn’t let slip the actual numbers: instead, he prompted Dobrik to guess at his earnings, resulting in a surprising — if not exactly crystal clear — answer.

John Stamos, Instagram
John Stamos appeared in a short segment of Dobrik’s latest vlog, where the YouTuber put him on the spot about his Hollywood earnings.

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“How much do you think I make on the new show?” Stamos challenged.

“I’m assuming $75k an episode,” Dobrik ballparked. “How much is it?”

“It’s less than that,” the actor replied. “Oh, okay,” Dobrik said, with the wind somewhat taken out of his sails. “Really?”

(Segment begins at 2:35 for mobile readers)

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Stamos responded by giving an over-enthusiastic head nod, leaving the group in stitches as he seemed to hint that he’s not raking in nearly as much dough as they had originally speculated.

The actor’s humorous response to Dobrik’s question comes after the YouTuber revealed his own earnings in an interview with Men’s Health in 2019, where he admitted that YouTube isn’t exactly the best platform for stacking one’s paper.

(Topic begins at 0:37 for mobile viewers)

According to the vlogger, he makes less than $2,000 per month on average, claiming that the platform’s “adpocalypse” severely cut his previous monthly pay of around $275k.

In fact, Dobrik claimed in an Instagram story that his vlog with Stamos was even copyright claimed by a music label, causing him to re-upload the video with different tunes — another issue he cited in his Men’s Health interview, which continues to plague content creators across the site to this day.

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