Mr Beast reveals how “stalkers” stopped him from keeping custom Tesla

. 2 years ago
ZHC, YouTube

Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson is one of YouTube’s top content creators, best known for giving out huge amounts of cash in his videos — but it seems like his reputation has kept him from receiving a massive gift himself.

Mr Beast is hailed across the net as one of social media’s biggest philanthropists, having given away money at “free banks” and even opening a free car dealership for families in need of transportation.

With over 31.9 million subscribers on YouTube, it comes as little surprise that Donaldson boasts a massive fanbase — but fame isn’t all sunshine and roses, as he revealed during a collaborative video with artist “ZHC.”

MrBeast, Instagram
Mr Beast is one of YouTube’s top stars, known for his insane challenges and huge cash giveaways.

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ZHC, who has historically gifted Mr Beast and other YouTube stars such custom items as phone cases, art prints, and shoes, turned things up a notch by customizing a Tesla with Donaldson’s tiger logo.

After driving the vehicle to Mr Beast’s home state, the YouTuber sadly revealed that he couldn’t actually keep the car, admitting that past home invasions are keeping him cautious of anything that would give away his identity.

zhcomicart, Instagram
ZHC gifted Mr Beast with an impressive custom Tesla, complete with his own logo on the side.

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“I’ve had people break into my house before, and so that would give away where I live,” he explained to ZHC, instead opting to gift the Tesla to one of his friends.

“My house has been broken into before, and I have a lot of stalkers,” he continued. “So I obviously can’t drive a car like this. People will follow me.”

(Segment begins at 11:45 for mobile readers)

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Therefore, he conducted a match of rock, paper scissors between partners Chris and Chandler, with the winner getting to keep the vehicle, with Chris ultimately emerging the victor.

Mr Beast isn’t the only online superstar who has fallen victim to stalkers: Twitch streamer “Sweet Anita” revealed that a stalker had moved to her city, and even slept outside of her home, claiming that he was later released by police in spite of his disturbing advances.

Even YouTube king PewDiePie has dealt with such issues, notably begging fans to stop visiting his house and even getting robbed in 2019, losing “90%” of his and his wife’s valuables from their home in Japan.

In spite of their massive success online, being famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, with Mr Beast’s case being one of many experienced by content creators the world over.

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