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“Daphne” takes over Twitter as people marvel at runner’s robotic speed

Published: 18/Mar/2021 23:07

by Theo Salaun


Twitter is absolutely losing it over Daphne the Runner, based on a TikTok workout video that shows a softball player named Daphne flying full-speed with the calm composure of a robot assassin.

There’s running hard and then there’s moving fast. Some people have to put a lot of effort into keeping pace at over 19 miles per hour (maximum human speed is around 28 mph, after all) — in fact, most humans do. But then there’s Daphne, who seems to maintain peak speed while looking like she’s on a casual jaunt around the park.

In a workout video posted by UbrZati, a speed-training workout facility in Melbourne, Florida, a few girls are shown maintaining 19-plus mph speed on a treadmill. Despite the speeds being similar, one of them is not like the rest. Known solely as Daphne, the calm runner has become Twitter’s latest meme as users speculate about her origin story.


Before diving into the memes, it’s worth taking a look at Daphne’s poise under pressure. Each girl is going very fast, but one (and you know which one already) is not quite like the others.

First, examine Daphne’s form. Head: forward, firmly in place, eyes set directly ahead. Arms: unwavering, clean, methodical swipes to maintain velocity. Legs: sharply paced, maintaining form. 

Typical human tendencies involve heavy breathing and instances of bodily effort when placed under physical stress. Those tendencies are seen in the other runners, who seem to be working hard to keep their speed. Daphne? She looks like it’s another day on the job, as if she’s been trained…or rather, programmed for this.


And that’s precisely where the memes went, noticing that Daphne’s sure-headed style is closer to a natural predator or assassin than almost anything else.

“Almost anything else” is a key point there, as others have quickly pointed out that Daphne might not be the average hunter or assassin. This clip makes it look like she could literally be built for this.

Referencing the T-1000 android assassin from the Terminator franchise, numbers of people recognized Daphne’s robotic form as incredibly unique and movielike.

Of course, there are also memes noting that this might not even be Daphne’s “final form,” connecting her casual demeanor to that of Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza before transforming.


Whatever the case may be, it seems that Daphne’s commitment to training has paid off — as people are impressed with her ability to handle strenuous work so comfortably.