Danny Gonzalez accuses TikToker of “maliciously” copying content

YouTuber Danny Gonzalez reacts to TikTokYouTube: Danny Gonzalez

Popular YouTuber Danny Gonzalez called out TikToker Neumane for allegedly “copying” other creators’ content. The former Vine star explained to viewers why he thinks the online personality is being “malicious.” 

Originally created in 2016, TikTok has exploded into one of the most popular social media platforms in 2021. While the site often inspires creators to borrow from each other, the platform has recently been embroiled in controversy surrounding content theft.

According to YouTuber Danny Gonzalez, TikToker Neumane is not only copying other channels original ideas, but has “maliciously” found a loophole to trick the platform’s crediting system.

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Danny Gonzalez YouTube reaction to TikTok theftYouTube: Danny Gonzalez
The popular YouTuber called out a TikToker for copying others content without credit.

Danny Gonzalez says TikTok star is “copying” content

In his latest upload, Danny Gonzalez called out TikTok user Neumane for allegedly copying other creators’ original ideas. While he acknowledged that TikTok has a history of users borrowing content from each other based on trends, the 26-year-old argues that this is different.

“It’s not just like Neumane was just hopping on trends and not giving credit to the person who originally started it,” he said. “Neumane was directly copying people’s ideas word-for-word, and in many cases lip-syncing their audio. But then he would go out of his way to make sure it didn’t post to the original creator’s audio.”

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The YouTuber then called the TikToker’s methods malicious: “He would be mouthing words that someone else is speaking, but when you click on the audio, it just takes you to a sound that he owns. It seems pretty malicious. TikTok makes it so easy to use a popular sound and credit the person. This dude is going out of his way make it look like his own sound.”

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According to Gonzalez, other TikTok channels have called out Neumane for taking their content such as popular creator Joey Bailey. The online entertainer made a side-by-side compilation showing all the times his content had allegedly been taken without credit.

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In the video, Bailey claimed that Neumane messaged him on Instagram and told him to take the video down. “You can kindly take it down and we can just be cool and move on from all of this s**t. Or you can just leave it up and have a lot of enemies from here on out,” he allegedly said.

Danny Gonzalez addressed Neumane’s message to Bailey and exclaimed, “It’s just such a weird threat too. I mean I guess he has a lot of followers. But what is he gonna do post a TikTok being like “Hey guys, for those of you who don’t know I’ve been stealing this guys content a bunch lately. And he has the gall to call me out for it.”

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As far as Neumane’s take on the situation, the star argued in a livestream that he’s not in the wrong. “It’s not who made it first, it’s who does it better. I’m an actor, not a writer,” he said. The situation has sparked an interesting debate on original content on the popular video platform.

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