Dana White reacts to Jake Paul saying he’s the highest-paid athlete under 25

Dana White next to Jake PaulInstagram: danawhite / jakepaul

UFC president Dana White has responded to YouTuber Jake Paul being described as the highest-paid athlete under 25-years-old, and says he “doesn’t hate” the influencer-turned-boxer.

Jake Paul and Dana White have clashed several times over the past year, with Paul attempting to convince White to let him face off with an active UFC fighter, as well as calling him out over how much his athletes are paid.

White even issued a challenge to the influencer to reveal his drug-test results, accusing him of being on steroids – claims which Paul firmly denied, saying: “I don’t do steroids. I take it as a compliment.”

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Jake has been hugely successful with his boxing endeavors, and as well as being named one of the highest-earning YouTubers of 2021, he also claimed to be the highest-earning athlete under the age of 25.

Jake Paul in an Instagram pictureInstagram: jakepaul
Jake Paul has seen huge success thanks to his focus on boxing.

Dana White responds to Jake Paul payment claims

In an appearance on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dana gave his thoughts on Jake’s sporting endeavors, and explained his reaction to the influencer describing himself as the highest-earning athlete under 25.

“I don’t hate Jake Paul,” White began. “I’ve dealt with kids like him for most of my career. You know, this is the kid that’s out there and has created some buzz, and he’s trying to make some money. You know what I mean? You can’t fault the kid for that.”

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When asked whether or not he had been surprised by Jake with his boxing career at any point, White added: “They just came out and said that he’s one of the highest-paid athletes under 25 or something like that. Athletes?”

“Do you know how many guys that I know in the gym, and that trainers know in the gym, that if they fought guys 20 years older than them and 20 pounds lighter than them and could create the buzz that this could create? Yeah, they’d be some of the highest-paid athletes under 25 too.”

With Paul’s boxing career set to continue, it looks like he will continue to be a hot topic of conversation across the industry.

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