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Who is West Elm Caleb on TikTok? NYC man goes viral for dating history

Published: 19/Jan/2022 23:57

by Virginia Glaze


New York City’s Caleb Hunter is going viral across TikTok as numerous women share their experiences with the so-called “serial dater.”

TikTok is a hive for all sorts of viral content. From creating popular challenges, dances, and even pasta recipes, the video app has taken the online world by storm.

Sometimes, TikTok can even make individual people go viral (as was the case of one TikToker whose social media presence effectively skyrocketed after getting rejected from Juilliard).

In this case, though, a 25-year-old man by the name of Caleb Hunter is taking TikTok by storm after several women from New York City realized they’d all dated the same person.


kellsbells west elm caleb
TikTok: kellsbellsbaby
TikToker KellsBells has detailed her experiences dating Caleb Hunter, a New York City man who’s going viral for dating multiple women at a time and then ghosting them.

Women share experiences dating West Elm Caleb on TikTok

According to these women, they met Hunter via the dating app Hinge. After going on one or two dates with him — during which he allegedly played up his job as a furniture designer at West Elm — he allegedly ghosted them completely.

It’s what producer Zach Schwartz dubbed a real-life version of John Tucker Must Die, as more women come out of the woodwork detailing their own odd experiences with the now-infamous West Elm Caleb.

One woman, Kell, claimed she’d been dating Caleb for three weeks before finding out that he was allegedly “dating every other woman in NYC” and even creating multiple identical Spotify playlists to send to other women.


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@kellsbellsbaby I am a victim of nyc dating…yet again #nyc #dating #fyp #hinge ♬ original sound – よかいえき

Another woman, named Kate, claimed that she’d matched with Caleb on Tinder when he began “love-bombing” her.

The two scheduled a coffee date — but before they actually met up, he purportedly ghosted her.

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@_katepear @MEEMS this is hilarious target audience r reached #westelmcaleb #hinge #fyp #kpandthecity ♬ original sound – Kate Pearce

Yet another TikToker, named meemshou, made a video joking about a “very tall Caleb I went out on a date with in New York City” who then ghosted her.

Her video went viral, leading to several other women asking the TikToker if she was talking about the same Caleb they’d also gone on dates with.


As it turns out, a slew of women have dated West Elm Caleb, with similar experiences of being ghosted.

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@meemshou Reply to @hannahklub tiktok algorithm do yo thang #warning #westelmcaleb #nyc ♬ original sound – MEEMS

As for how Caleb is taking the news? Kells gave viewers an update on the situation, sharing her text messages with the viral West Elm designer, who claimed he was aware of his TikTok infamy and that the issue was “bumming him out.”

West Elm Caleb response TikTok
TikTok: kellsbellsbaby
Kells shared alleged text messages she exchanged with West Elm Caleb after informing him of his viral TikTok presence.

According to the purported text messages, Hunter is “shocked and pretty traumatized about this whole thing,” saying of his ghosting habits: “The nature of the app is very fleeting and ghosting unfortunately is just part of it.”