Customer left “heartbroken” after Goodwill refuses to sell them rollerblades

Customer left heartbroken after being refused the sale of rollerbladesUnsplash: luka reedy

A TikToker explained why she wasn’t able to buy a pair of rollerblades at Goodwill, saying she was “heartbroken” after an employee turned her away.

Seldomly does a department store refuse to sell customers an item, but for one TikToker, who goes by the name of Gigi, that wasn’t the story. 

Although Gigi traveled over 30 minutes to one Goodwill location, she was shocked after being informed that she wasn’t allowed to purchase a pair of rollerblades.

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Since posting her now-viral TikTok video explaining her situation, Gigi has heard from plenty of Goodwill shoppers and employees who have all shared their disbelief in the thrift store disparity.

A Goodwill customer was refused the sale of a pair of rollerblades because the price tag fell off, causing TikTok to share their own Goodwill experiences as an employee of the popular thrift store.Unsplash: nick fewings
A Goodwill customer was refused the sale of a pair of rollerblades because the price tag fell off, causing TikTok to share their own Goodwill experiences as employees of the popular thrift store.

Goodwill employee said rollerblades had to be “reprocessed” before buying them

When shopping in a thrift store like Goodwill, often does someone not walk out of the store without copping some sort of awesome deal.

For Gigi, that deal was a pair of pristine rollerblades that she had always wanted. Though she may have left the store with other things, she was told that her prized find wasn’t eligible for sale.

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Somehow, the price tag fell off of the rollerblades, causing a Goodwill employee to refuse the sale to Gigi, who’d traveled thirty-five minutes to the thrift store.

Sure, the first time around could have deterred Gigi from going back to that Goodwill – but the initial refusal wasn’t enough to keep her away from the pair of rollerblades she had her eyes on. 

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So, the next day, Gigi drove all the way to that same Goodwill to find that her soon-to-be rollerblades had been placed on the shelf with a price tag. At last, she couldn’t be refused — so she ended up buying the rollerblades, later taking to TikTok to share her story.

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In her now-viral TikTok video, Gigi captioned her nuance, saying, “I found these perfect rollerblades at Goodwill two days ago, and the (not very kind) employee wouldn’t let me purchase them because the sticker fell off. I begged and was very heartbroken when she told me she had to take them to be reprocessed.”

Though Gigi was told that the rollerblades had to be “reprocessed,” many Tiktokers who have worked at Goodwill shared that they’ve never heard of ‘reprocessing’ an item just because a price tag fell off, saying, “I worked at Goodwill and we’d always price the items right away for the person.”

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While another said, “As someone who’s sitting on her break for her Goodwill shift right now, we literally can go to the back and put a new sticker on.”

Gigi even expressed how the same employee who refused her the sale was working the following day. Though Gigi went in for the sole purpose of buying the rollerblades, she was again struck with confrontation from the employee, as Gigi explained that she glared at her while sarcastically saying, “Oh, you’re the girl from the other day.”

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Though the process may have been messy, Gigi ended up with her dream pair of rollerblades. Sure, it took over two hours in travel time and a rather unhappy employee, but in the end, she secured a pretty great deal. You go, girl!

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