Greekgodx’s IRL rollerblading stream goes south with spectacular fail

Twitch: Greekgodx

Popular Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos’ IRL stream was interrupted after he took a sudden fall while rollerblading outdoors. The Team SoloMid star unexpectedly hit the ground in spectacular fashion.

Greekgodx has become one of the most recognizable faces of Twitch, and has grown his channel significantly on the platform. In February, he announced that he signed with the popular organization TSM.

During his May 3 IRL broadcast, the British streamer went rollerblading. However things took a turn for the worse for the personality when he found himself crashing to the ground in front of his viewers.

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Greekgodx falls down while rollerblading 

The streamer set out with his friends to exercise outdoors, and decided to broadcast it live while rollerblading. However upon approaching a downhill section, the TSM star decided he would rather walk in the grass instead.

“Look I’m not going down there. I’m walking down half. F**k that! There’s a f**king cactus there, mate. It’s downhill!” he exclaimed as he walked towards a pathway between a gate.

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He then stopped to rest his arm on the wall to find some balance, and told his chat, “Okay, let’s go on,” when his legs abruptly came up from beneath him and he came crashing to the floor.

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To his credit, the Twitch personality quickly sprung up off the floor and dusted himself off before continuing his journey. Hilariously he told his viewers “Why was that fall in f**cking slow motion?”

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Walking through the gate, he exclaimed, “Why did I feel like slow motion?” as he broke into laughter. “That was the slowest fall I’ve ever done in my life. It’s like I was stuck in time, dude!”

The streamer began to skate downhill and was worried about oncoming traffic. “S**t, what if a car comes?” As he turned the corner, a vehicle sped towards him and he yelled, “Oh motherf**ker, there is a car!” before jumping on the grass and almost taking another tumble.

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Despite taking a spill early on, Greekgodx went on to complete his rollerblading regimen and even played a round of baseball. The Twitch star continues to inspire others, after losing an astonishing amount of weight which he showed off back in January.

The streamer has had a big year so far in 2020, joining TSM and growing his audience. At the time of writing he has over 1.1 million followers to his channel, making him one of the most watched personalities on the Amazon-owned platform.

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