CouRage dismayed after YouTube algorithm gives him “worst performing” video

CouRage streaming with YouTube logoYouTube: CouRage

Streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has shared his devastation after a video he and his team had worked hard on reached disappointing viewership figures due to struggles with YouTube’s algorithm. 

It can be a hit-or-miss situation when it comes to the YouTube algorithm. On some occasions, it can catapult small streamers to stardom. Yet, it can also cause some of the world’s biggest creators to massively lose out on views.

Some stars have slammed the platform over its ever-changing recommendations system. Minecraft streamer TommyInnit, for instance, hit out at YouTube’s “lame” algorithm. Even the king of YouTube himself, PewDiePie has had his struggles.

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CouRage has now shared his concerns with getting to grips with YouTube’s algorithm and how he and his team had to quickly adapt his content in order to pull in the views.

CouRage speaks to the camera.YouTube: CouRage
CouRage announced that he was going to be joining YouTube in November 2019.

CouRage shares his “pain” with YouTube

On May 29, CouRage explained that he and his team had worked tirelessly to produce an exciting new video for his YouTube channel called ‘Fortnite Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ft. LazarBeam.’ However, it subsequently performed terribly potentially due to problems with YouTube’s algorithm.

“YouTube can be a frustrating game,” CouRage tweeted. “We had a custom Fortnite map made based off one of the biggest shows of all time, created 25 engaging questions for our guest Lazarbeam, spent nearly a full week editing a banger video.”

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Yet, it went on to become his “worst-performing video of 2022” which understandably came as a massive blow to him and the team.

Several of CouRage’s fellow streamers offered their shared frustration with working around YouTube’s algorithm including Esfand and Alexandra Botez.

Twitch streamer Asmongold also responded by offering potential options which could help resolve the issue. In particular, he suggested that it could be due to the video’s thumbnail and tags.

Jack and his team clearly reworked the clip before uploading it again on May 28 with a new title ‘I challenged LazarBeam to Fortnite trivia for 1,000,000 V-Bucks…’ and thumbnail.

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With the video having already pulled in over 117k views as of writing, it’s hoped CouRage and his team will have much more luck this time around.