Couple’s $30,000 wedding goes wrong after realizing it was never made official

TikToker Wedding wasnt officialTikTok: maddyboucherxxx

A couple on TikTok has gone viral after uploading a video that revealed their $30,000 wedding was never made official through the court system.

When you get married in the US, it has to be made official through the local court system — no matter what state you live in.

In order for that to happen, though, the officiant of your wedding has to fill out and turn in a section of your marriage license to the court.

Madalyn Boucher, who goes by the name Maddyboucherxxx on TikTok, went viral after realizing their $30,000 wedding wasn’t made official more than two months after it had happened.

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Couple’s $30,000 wedding wasn’t made official

On December 9, Maddy uploaded a video to her channel in what she would later describe as a “manic” rant where she explained she was trying to add her husband to her health insurance when she realized the mistake.

“I needed our marriage certificate, so I [started looking for it]…my husband finds this. This is the marriage license and this is the portion that the officiant was supposed to send to the probate court to legitimize our marriage,” she explained. “It expired nine days ago. We are not married. We spent $30,000 on a social gathering and now we have to go to the courthouse and get married. Our officiant was my f*cking grandpa.”

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In a follow-up video, Maddy and her husband decided to answer a few questions asked in the original upload.

One of those questions was why they didn’t turn in the certificate themselves. She replied, reading off a note attached to the paper explaining it was the job of the officiant.

“Also I wanna apologize to every person who pointed out how annoying my voice is, it does sound like a cheese grater. I’m so sorry, I was a little bit manic last night,” she added.

Luckily, the couple revealed that the court was willing to make an exception to the paper being returned late and allowed Maddy and her husband’s marriage to be official.

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Now that they’ve fixed the issue at hand, both Madalyn and her husband can breathe and enjoy their still fairly new marriage together.