Cops step in after Jack Doherty gets slapped by YouTuber on stream

police-called-jack-doherty-slapped-live-streamYouTube: Jack Doherty

The police got involved after Jack Doherty got slapped in the head by fellow influencer Izi Prime in an explosive confrontation during a live stream.

Jack Doherty is a popular OF creator and YouTuber, who boasts over 11 million subscribers. He’s best known for his prank videos, as well as his collaborations with other major stars like YouTuber Fouseytube and rap duo the Island Boys.

However, one of his latest collabs ended with the police getting involved after he got into a physical altercation with another big influencer — Izi Prime.

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Izi Prime is a prominent streamer on both Kick and Twitch, garnering a combined following of over 400k fans across both platforms, on top of a healthy 223k YouTube subscribers.

police-called-jack-doherty-slapped-streamYouTube: Jack Doherty
Police got involved after streamer Izi Prime slapped YouTube star Jack Doherty during a live broadcast.

Police arrive after Jack Doherty slapped by Izi Prime

However, the drama began well before these two could get into a fight. According to a VOD posted by Doherty, police showed up at their residence after neighbors thought they were having a loud party.

It also looks like his address was leaked during the live stream and was being spammed in the chat — something that Doherty and co. made sure to explain to the attending officers.

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However, the real drama began after Doherty returned to the stream with his other pals. Both Izi and Doherty were in the live stream together when Izi reached back with his left hand and slapped Doherty across the side of his head in a seemingly unprovoked attack.

“Yeah! I told you!” Prime boasted as he was escorted away by security.

This prompted one of Doherty’s pals to pop off and try to fistfight him as an act of revenge, but he was firmly pushed away by a security guard.

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Luckily, the police officers were still hanging around and quickly moved forward to handle the situation. One officer asked Doherty if he wanted to press charges, and assured the YouTuber that they would have to file a report based on what they were told.

Doherty ended up signing a form waiving any prosecution toward Prime, and it looks like everything was settled in the end… but this is far from the first time cops have had to get involved due to a livestream.

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In fact, Kick star Adin Ross was swatted while streaming at a boxing gym back in August, prompting a police response.

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