Cooking influencer breaks Guinness World Record by cooking for 96 hours straight

Jeremy Gan

Hilda Baci, a cooking influencer, has broken a Guinness World Record by cooking for 96 hours straight, however, the organization says they will need to “review all the evidence” before making things official. 

Anybody who has worked in a professional kitchen before would know a 12-14 hour shift with little to no breaks is quite the norm in the industry. However, a food influencer decided to take it a step further to break a world record, ramping things up to a whole different level.

Food influencer Hilda Baci decided to attempt what she dubbed the “Hilda Baci Cook-a-thon” to beat the world record for the Longest Cooking Marathon by an individual. 

The previous title was held by Lata Tondon where she cooked for 87 hours and 45 minutes straight. Now, Hilda has successfully broken that record with a whopping 88 hours of straight cooking. Though, that was just the start.

Breaking the record in Lagos, Nigeria, Hilda cooked with an audience for 88 straight hours to beat the world record, but the overall goal was to cook for four days straight, 96 hours.

According to a BBC report, the crowd which gathered to support her pushed her along, motivating her to go for 100 hours straight.

In a livestream of the moment Hilda beat the previous world record, the crowd of supporters can be heard cheering for her as her accomplishment was quite the feat. And throughout the attempt, we can see her visibly tired. 

At the time of writing, however, it seems the official Guinness World Records Twitter account was not so fast in registering the new record. 

In a tweet from the organization, they said, “We’re aware of this amazing record attempt, we need to review all the evidence first before officially confirming a record.”

Obviously, since Hilda hadn’t officially wrapped up the cook-a-thon when she beat it, Guinness will need to wait until it has finished so they can verify it. And as of writing, she is still continuing to cook for the hundreds in attendance.