Chris Tyson addresses rumors they were kicked from MrBeast’s channel

chris tyson mr beast speculationSnapchat: Chris Tyson, MrBeast

YouTuber Chris Tyson has addressed rumors that they were removed from MrBeast’s videos after viewers noticed that they were absent from some of his most recent uploads.

Chris has found themself at the center of a lot of attention recently after they announced that they had begun hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which prompted both support and anger from content creators and viewers across the world.

MrBeast has shown nothing but support for Chris since the announcement and has publicly defended his friend from speculation that their continued presence would damage his brand.

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However, viewers still wondered why Chris did not feature in MrBeast’s Japan video, leading them to address these queries properly.

Chris Tyson confirms he has not left the MrBeast team

In a Snapchat stream, Chris confirmed that they had not been removed or asked to leave MrBeast’s squad of friends for videos. Instead, they said they took time away to spend time with their son Tucker, who is two years old.

When asked by a fan if he’d been removed from the team, Chris said: “Nope, I pretty much told Jimmy [MrBeast], just because I want to spend time with Tucker, and he’s traveling a lot, I’m just going to come and go as I please.

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“I came to Japan and I left when I pleased, and I went- I don’t know if I can say I went to Mexico. I went to Mexico, and then I came back.”

MrBeast has publicly stuck by Chris ever since they came out with the HRT announcement, so it would be strange to see him turn against Chris. He’s previously called the backlash against Chris “absurd”, saying: “Chris isn’t my ‘nightmare,’ he’s my f*cken friend and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to piss me off.”

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