MrBeast hits out at YouTuber SunnyV2 for claiming Chris will be “nightmare” for him

MrBeast hits out at youtuber sunnyv2 over transphobia toward chris tysonYouTube: FLAGRANT, SunnyV2

YouTube star MrBeast is hitting back at fellow creator SunnyV2 for making a video claiming that his friend, Chris Tyson, will be a PR “nightmare” for him and his YouTube empire.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is the single most-followed content creator on YouTube, boasting over 145 million subscribers and successfully beating out the site’s previous record holder, PewDiePie, last year.

Donaldson is best known for his over-the-top challenge videos, his big-budget recreations of popular media like Squid Game, and his charitable projects — such as the time he paid for 1,000 people’s cataract surgeries.

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However, the YouTube star has recently come under the microscope after one of his close friends, Chris Tyson, revealed they are currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy after speculation about their gender surfaced online.

MrBeast has been publicly supportive of Chris during this time, consistently shutting down negative commenters on Twitter and making sure to uplift his buddy as they undergo their transition.

Despite this, a slew of divisive comments have continued to arise as a result of Chris’s transition, prompting MrBeast to speak out against the negativity in a pointed comment.

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On April 13, popular YouTuber SunnyV2 published a YouTube video titled, “Why Chris Will Soon Be A Nightmare For MrBeast.” In the video, SunnyV2 posited that Chris’s gender could upend the dynamics of MrBeast’s friend group.

“Chris likely believes that people will slowly adapt to his new appearance over time, but is this really going to happen?” the YouTuber said. “Well, maybe. …if Chris continues to transition, would it be unreasonable to say he could jeopardize some of the personality traits that made him a successful member in the first place?”

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That’s not all; Sunny also made comparisons to LGBTQIA+ representation in modern media, saying: “If there’s anything we’ve learned anything from Hollywood in recent years, it’s that adding over-the-top LGBT characters for the sake of relatability rarely works as intended, and is often nothing more than a distraction from the premise of the movie or video.”

MrBeast lashes out at YouTuber for “transphobic” video about Chris Tyson

Mr. Beast responded to the upload in a pointed comment on Twitter, saying: “Yeah, this is getting absurd. Chris isn’t my ‘nightmare,’ he’s my f*cken friend and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to piss me off.”

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Although this is far from the first time MrBeast has hit back at negative comments reacting to Chris’s transition, it’s clear that the YouTuber is growing frustrated with transphobia against his friend.

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