Chloe Burrows responds to backlash after comparing Ron to former Love Island star

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Chloe Burrows has broken her silence over the backlash she received by comparing Love Island stars of past and present, Ron Hall and Jake Cornish.

On February 16, Chloe compared Season 7 Love Island cast member Jake Cornish to current ‘bad boy’ Ron Hall.

Ron has had an up-and-down time in the villa, testing the waters with other bombshell arrivals despite having a clear connection with Lana Jenkins. He put that right by staying loyal in Casa Amor, but has been accused of playing a game by encouraging the other boys to explore.

Former contestant Chloe Burrows took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the topic, saying: “Ron is the Jake of this season, sorry,” tagging Jake’s official account.

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Since it was posted, Chloe has received a number of messages from viewers disappointed by the comparison.

One said: “Chlo babe I usually agree with you but I don’t agree with you on this.”

Another said: “No he didn’t actively encourage the boys to dabble actually he just kept himself to himself.”

Not every comment disagreed, but she’s responded to the drama around the tweet nevertheless. “Literally encouraging the boys to do nonsense — Ron is a game player through and through,” a third user chimed in.

Chloe Burrows responds to backlash from Love Island fans

On February 17, the dust settled on the dramatic recoupling around the firepit.

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Chloe addressed the comments by stating that she was still friends with Jake and that the tweet was just ‘banter’.

“Loool seen some stuff about my tweet about Jake – me and @Jake_Cornish7 are very good friends!!! Always has been – was banter so let’s not get carried away :)))”

Previously, Jake has stated that he was not speaking to any of the girls from the season he was a part of. According to Jake, the Love Island 2021 WhatsApp chat was “no longer” as he hadn’t heard from any of the girls since leaving the villa.

“I don’t speak to any of the girls. I think I’m a lone wolf that side. They’re there and I’ve just gone this way,” said Jake Cornish.

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However, Chloe quickly then squashed those rumors of a feud revealing that there was “no bad blood between anyone”.

Water engineer Jake Cornish starred in the 2021 Love Island show.

When speaking to, Chloe said, “I mean I literally got a message off him this morning so it’s definitely not me. There’s a big WhatsApp group but I don’t think people use it. I just feel like there were closer friendships in the villa and stuff that have stayed on the outside, but as far as I know, there’s no bad blood between anyone.

“I’ve literally messaged him this morning. Me and Jake are cool.”

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Meanwhile, Love Island fans called Ron Hall a ‘game player’ on Thursday night after he tried to persuade Tom Clare to recouple with a new Casa Amor girl.

The footballer revealed that he was confused between two girls during the episode after he was torn away from partner Samie Elishi, being joined by a new group of girls instead.

During the time apart, Tom has grown close to new arrival Lydia Karakyriakou and even shared a kiss with the Casa Amor bombshell during Wednesday’s episode.