Chinese streamer’s hand reportedly cut off after man attacks him with sword

chinese streamer attacked by man with swordTwitter/whyyoutouzhele

A Chinese streamer’s live broadcast ended in disaster when a man wielding a sword began attacking people and even sliced off the influencer’s hand, with the incident captured on stream.

On May 23, a Chinese streamer broadcasting from Xiamen, Fujian was chatting with a friend when out of nowhere, a man with a sword showed up and attacked the duo.

In a clip going viral on social media, the Chinese IRL streamer and his friend were quick to escape from the sword-wielding man, but only after the attacker appeared to cut off his hand during the altercation.

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Another piece of footage of the incident shows a group of people in the area running as the attacker chases them and continues to swing the weapon.

In total, 99 people were watching the broadcast when the attack occurred and it’s since gone viral, spreading through social media in both China and further afield.

Man arrested after cutting off Chinese streamer’s hand with sword

According to Asia One, an ambulance and police officers were dispatched to the scene after getting reports of a fight in progress.

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The police then discovered that the suspect, named ‘Luo’ had an argument with the streamer and his friend on Douyin, the Chinese TikTok, and retaliated by attacking them with a sword.

streamer gets hand cut off by swordTwitter/whyyoutouzhele
The sword-wielding man reportedly cut off the streamer’s hand.

The streamer and his friend were taken to the hospital for “non-life-threatening injuries” despite losing a hand and being slashed in the back.

Photos also surfaced online showing the victim’s hand laying on the ground, leading to users to call for justice against the sword-wielding individual. An image was also shared of a man in a hospital bed with his arm wrapped over where his hand would be.

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A few hours later after the violent assault, police found the suspect and arrested him, but the investigation is still ongoing.

This is not the first disturbing incident involving a livestreamer to be filmed. In October of 2022, an IRL Twitch streamer was attacked by a group of “drunk kids” in Amsterdam.

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