Chael Sonnen claims fighters are ducking Jake Paul as he’s “most feared” boxer

Jake Paul smiling sitting on side of boxing ringInstagram: Jake Paul

Former UFC star Chael Sonnen doubled down on his belief that Jake Paul is the “most feared man in boxing,” and explained why that’s reportedly led to him taking on Tommy Fury. 

While he may not have dedicated his whole life to the sweet science, Jake Paul has comfortably asserted himself within the world of boxing – both as a competitor in the ring and a promoter outside of it.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer is returning to action in August, reportedly against long-time rival Tommy Fury, even though he claimed he had no interest in rearranging that matchup after their last scheduled fight was called off at the last minute.

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While a few fighters have registered their interest in fighting Jake, all signs now point to him and Tommy finally settling their beef. That, according to Chael Sonnen, is a result of Jake being the “most feared man in boxing” right now.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury officially announcedInstagram/Jake Paul
Jake Paul was slated to take on Tommy Fury last year.

The former UFC star, who has regularly praised Jake and his brother Logan, discussed the reported matchup in his June 8 video, where he once again gave Jake the tag of being feared by other boxers.

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“Is it just a case that there’s nobody else willing to do it? That’s how I feel,” Sonnen said about Jake seemingly having to fight Tommy rather than someone else. “Jake Paul is the most feared man in boxing. There is nobody in boxing with a meaningful record or any kind of name reputation that has called him out, and they’re hoping they don’t get their phone to ring. They don’t want that.”

The MMA analyst noted that fighting Jake would give most boxers “everything that they’ve ever dreamed about” when it comes to interest and pay, but “they don’t want it.”

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When it comes to the fight with Tommy actually happening though, Sonnen says that the audience will have to make their own minds up on that front, given the Fury camp were the ones who pulled out last time.

As of now, the fight hasn’t been confirmed and it’s still a game of wait and see. Though, there is plenty of interest in it.