Casey Neistat’s brother hits 300k YouTube subs in a week with unusual video series

Casey and Van Neistat in a YouTube thumbnailYouTube: Casey Neistat

Van Neistat, Casey Neistat’s brother, has hit 300,000 subscribers in a week on his new YouTube channel, where he’s posting his “powerful” new series, ‘The Spirited Man.’

Casey Neistat is one of the most well-renowned vloggers on YouTube. He started vlogging in 2015, and since then he has gone on rack up over 12 million subscribers on the platform, with an active fan base to this day.

One thing the YouTuber has always been known for is his slick editing style, which could transform even the most mundane day into a piece of art. In a video posted on March 9, Neistat explained that it was actually his brother, Van, who sat him down to learn how to edit in the first place.

Casey even cited his older brother as “the only reason I became a filmmaker.” After giving a history of the pair’s filmmaking together, the vlogger then introduced his brother’s brand new YouTube channel for his series ‘The Spirited Man.’

On Van’s Kickstarter for the channel, he describes the series as “an unlimited series of short films about creation & repair, introspection, and thought & books combined with living. The spirited man is an archetype that embodies our favorite part of us, our spirit.”

After saying that Van, “might accidentally be the best YouTuber of all time,” Casey sent his subscribers over to his brother’s channel, and they loved the unique editing style combined with the fascinating video topics.

One viewer wrote, “No ad read, no end screen, no plea to “smash” a like button or subscribe. This is a breath of fresh air,” another saying, “Casey is right: no one else is making films like this on YouTube.”

Comments flooded in calling the videos “powerful,” and as the comments poured in, so did the subscribers.

Van’s channel has 316,000 subscribers at the time of writing, with his first video only posted on March 9. Naturally, many of Casey’s fans love the editing and can see how the brothers have influenced each other creatively, making the channel even more interesting.