Casey Neistat hits out at Kanye West for “fanning flames of hatred”

an image of casey neistat talking about kanye westYouTube: Casey Neistat

YouTube megastar Casey Neistat has shared his perspective on Kayne West’s recent actions, following several antisemitic remarks and controversial actions carried by out West.

Kayne West is currently facing a barrage of backlash after the 808s & Heartbreaks musician caused controversy with numerous comments levied at the Jewish community.

West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian has since offered support to those affected by West’s antisemitic remarks, explaining that West’s actions are “never OK or excusable.” Kanye was previously ousted by Instagram, following a similar incident involving Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and has also been banned from Twitter.

Now, long-time fan Casey Neistat has responded to the situation, as the situation continues to escalate, revealing his “hurt” over it.

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Casey Neistat responds to Kayne West controversy amid antisemitic comments

On October 25, Casey Neistat steered away from his usual vlog content, uploading the video ‘Kanye, you broke my heart’.

Responding with his thoughts on West’s recent behavior, Neistat explained that “all I can think about is the hatred that this guy is spewing. The damage that it’s causing.”

“Hostility towards all Jewish people is on the rise and Kanye West, one of the biggest stars on the planet, is doing his part to fan the flames of hatred towards an entire group of people,” continued Neistat.

While Neistat claims he is “not religious” he believes that “Judaism is an Ethno-religion…while my feelings are undefined, I’m immensely proud of my Jewish background and heritage.”

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“So for Ye to spew that kind of hatred, it doesn’t matter whether it’s antisemitism or old fashioned racism…it’s all the same, it’s all hate speech,” he added.

Neistat expressed that West’s influence in relation to these comments “tells other people of comprised integrity…it gives them permission to also get out there and spread hate.”

As a long-time admirer of West’s artistry, Neistat clarified that West’s words “hurt” even more as West’s early music “is generational. It has the power to inspire a generation.” Instead, Neistat feels that West is using his platform to “divide instead of unite.”

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In the wake of West’s behavior, Adidas dropped the musician from their brand and all Yeezy products will cease manufacturing.