Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans react to disastrous Season 4 launch

Captain Glenn and Alex from Below Deck Sailing YachtYouTube: Bravo, Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht just premiered and is already taking a turn for the worse.

The first episode of the highly anticipated Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht premiered on April 10th. And while this season is full of new castmates and entertaining storylines, things were already at a rocky start.

The first episode kicked off with an immediate problem with the yacht itself, the Parisfall III. The engine wasn’t working properly, which meant that the boat might have to stay at the dock for several days. 

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As a result, the crew had a new challenge of entertaining the guests and distracting them from the fact that the ship wasn’t running.

Fans react to the all the issues on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck fans took to social media, expressing their sympathy for the crew and shared their worries that the engine trouble would put a stint on the plans for the season.

Another issue that added to the rocky premiere is the fact that fan-favorite crew member, Gary, is not on the boat. In a call with Captain Glenn, he revealed that was ill, which was another piece of bad news to the viewers.

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However, many fans were just glad that some of their favorite faces back on tv, including Captain Glenn and Chief Stew Daisy. The inclusion of these beloved crew members has endeared the show enough to some Below Deck fans to put Sailing Yacht at the top of the four Below Deck spin-offs.

We will find out in the next episode if the engine starts working, and how the guests onboard the yacht react if it doesn’t. Maybe even Gary will make a comeback and join the crew this season.

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