Bryce Hall slams “cry baby” Michael Gruen amid TikTok vs YouTube PPV drama

Georgina Smith
Bryce Hall and Michael Gruen next to each other

After a clip of Bryce Hall and TalentX’s Michael Gruen arguing about projected PPV sales for YouTubers vs. TikTokers resurfaced, Bryce called Michael “the fakest, lying cry-baby scam f**ker LA has to offer.”

While the June 12 YouTuber vs. TikTokers boxing event turned out to be an unexpected hit, controversy has arisen in the weeks following after TikTokers Vinnie Hacker and Josh Richards, among others, claimed that fighters and artists from the event still hadn’t been paid.

Organizers Social Gloves claim they are “working tirelessly” to ensure that everyone is paid within a reasonable time, but many believe that the event massively undersold PPV tickets, causing issues when it comes to profit.

In an episode of the Sway House’s reality show back in April, TalentX co-founder Michael Gruen predicted that the event would fail to sell as many tickets as was expected. Bryce called out Michael for “talking sh*t” about him for not being able to move tickets, though Michael disputed this.

After allegations emerged that fighters haven’t been paid, Michael then posted this clip to Twitter on June 26. He also uploaded several screenshots of messages he sent to Bryce in which he clarified what he’d said.

“I never said you don’t move product. I know the numbers you move. I’m not sure what he considers a lot of #s, but I told him I think you’d move 150k at $40k. I didn’t mean for that to be disrespectful because to me that’s a f**k ton.”

He claimed that in response, Bryce “graciously accepted my note, apologized for what he said, and accepted my dinner invite for Monday,” but said that after that, “I texted him 3 times, called twice to meet up, he ignored it. Haven’t heard from him since.”

Michael then added that he hopes Bryce “reaches out to apologize.”

Shortly after on June 26, Bryce wrote his own response via Twitter. “Michael Gruen is the fakest, lying cry-baby scam f**ker LA has to offer,” he said, “that’s why big executives don’t associate with him anymore! He is the pure definition of fake it till you make it in LA.”

Michael responded: “Hey Bryce! It’s a pleasure to reach you via Twitter. All I heard from this is that you think I’ve made it. I am flattered!”

Participants and fans are still waiting on further news regarding the lack of pay, and many are keen to see what the ultimate financial results of the event are.

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