Bryce Hall responds to allegations of sexual assault

Published: 9/Jul/2020 6:06

by Andrew Amos


Bryce Hall has vehemently denied a sexual assault allegation leveled against him by Sebastian Topete, after the TikTok star shared an anonymous message claiming Hall assaulted a girl back in 2016.

Bryce Hall was put under the microscope on July 8, as sexual assault allegations were leveled against the TikTok star.

The claim, which fellow TikTokker Sebastian Topete uploaded to his Instagram story with the caption “stan this man right?”, stated Hall sexually assaulted a girl four years ago.

“Bryce Hall sexually assaulted this poor drunk girl who had no control and wasn’t able to stop him in 2016 I think,” the message said. Hall was quick to respond. He stated that the encounter was entirely consensual, and they were both sober.

“That is my friend Mya. We were both 15 and completely sober. My friend Rory filmed it and she completely consented to it and said ‘no’ in the video because the grind on me is cringe,” the star explained on Instagram.

He also added that this is not the first time he’s had to defend himself based on this specific allegation before.

“If you’re gonna bring something up from my past, do something I haven’t spoken on. Get your facts straight please, or do I have to once again bring her back into this like I did in the past to say it was consensual?”

Topete quickly apologized for sharing the message, deleting his previous Instagram story and reuploading a new statement.

“I’ll take full responsibility for all the things I’ve been posting out of anger it’s honestly stupid and not me. Bryce I’ve tried [to] apologize to you in person but you didn’t want to talk but I understand.

“If I knew that video a while back would’ve brought all this sh*t I wouldn’t have been in it in the first place. Again sorry for all the unnecessary drama and dragging on to the cat food stuff I’m just being immature at this point for the fun of it and I don’t know why I’m letting emotions get the best of me.”

Topete instagram apology to Bryce Hall
Instagram: Sebastian Topete
Topete apologized shortly after sharing the allegation.

Hall is yet to respond to Topete’s apology.


David Dobrik stunned after Kardashians’ viral FaceTime TikTok prank

Published: 4/Dec/2020 15:03

by Georgina Smith


The Kardashian family decided to cause some TikTok chaos on December 3 when they collectively FaceTimed some random celebrity contacts, and creators like David Dobrik and James Charles were on their hit list.

If there’s anyone who can make a stir on social media, it’s undoubtedly the Kardashian family. With their immense power and wealth, they could pull some insane pranks if they truly wanted to.

But sometimes staying simple ends up being far funnier, so the family teamed up with each other to spook some of the famous faces in their contact list.

While plenty of influential people naturally will have collected a couple of phone numbers from members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, for many it’s unlikely that they ever expected them to call. And the Kardashians know that full well.

Kylie Jenner and James Charles hug during a YouTube video.
YouTube: James Charles
Kylie Jenner has collaborated with influencers like James Charles in the past.

In two videos uploaded to Kylie Jenner’s TikTok account, the viewfinder shows a large group of Kardashians standing in a group facing the phone, almost eerily still.

The group cycled through a selection of staggeringly famous faces, like actress Jennifer Lawrence and singer Justin Bieber. However, there were a couple of faces that popped up that some may have been surprised to see.

The phone screen showed that it was connecting to hugely popular YouTuber David Dobrik, and as soon as he answered he looked thoroughly confused. He quickly ripped off his face mask and looked even closer at his screen, immediately saying “that’s f***king ridiculous” when he realized that he had in fact just been called by the Kardashian family.


PART 2 🤣

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Another familiar influencer pranked by the family was beauty YouTuber James Charles, who has a friendship with Kylie Jenner and has collaborated with her on his channel several times. Even he looked thoroughly baffled to have received an unannounced call, saying “what is going on?”

In the comments of the video, David said that “I thought I was being recruited,” whereas James had the opposite reaction and wrote, “I thought I was about to get sued.”

James Charles and David Dobrik comment on Kylie Jenner's TikTok

The hilariously chaotic video now has a colossal 10.5 million likes, with fans loving the perfectly executed prank by the Kardashian family.