Island Boy KodiyakRedd faces assault allegations from girlfriend

Sam Comrie
An image of Island Boy, KodiyakRedd and his girlfriend.
Instagram: KodiyakRedd

Franky ‘KodiyakRedd’ Venegas, of the Island Boys duo, has been accused of domestic abuse by his girlfriend Montaisha, better known as ‘itsmontiibabii’. 

KodiyakRedd, is known for being part of the musical duo Island Boys. After going viral with their “I’m An Island Boy” freestyle rap in October 2021, Franky Venegas is facing assault allegations from his girlfriend, Montaisha aka itsmontiibabii.

The allegations came to light after Montaisha posted an Instagram live video regarding her current situation.

The Island Boys pose for a picture
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Alex and Franky Venegas’s following is primarily on TikTok.

Allegations against KodiyakRedd

“I can’t even get it together to f***ing talk to you guys,” Montaisha said as she began the livestream. Shown with visible bruising on her face, Montiasha stated she is “just waiting till the cops get here”, as she appeared to lock herself in a bathroom. A voice can be heard behind the door.

Montiasha’s Instagram account is currently deactivated, but her last post directly addresses KodiyakRedd: “Y’all wanna be an “Island Girl” so bad, go ahead and be one. Lemme show you what it’s like to be an Island Girl, beat on every day. Treated like nothing. Don’t believe the fairytale they sell you.”


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The post was then followed by a separate Instagram story video, showing multiple physical injuries. The musician last posted on Instagram on January 2, with his brother Alex. KodiyakRedd’s behavior towards Montaisha has been examined before when multiple videos came to light, depicting arguments between the pair.

Montaisha hasn’t featured on Venegas’s Instagram page since October 12, 2021. Since Montaisha’s profile went quiet, KodiyakRedd, or the duo collectively, is yet to respond to the allegations.