BruceDropEmOff calls out “weird” Mizkif for text messages after leaving OTK

BruceDropEmOff on twitchTwitch/BruceDropEmOff

BruceDropEmOff called out Mizkif on stream, calling him “weird” after receiving text messages from the Twitch star after announcing his resignation from OTK.

On January 24, BruceDropEmOff announced that he had left OTK in a short post on Twitter thanking the organization.

This comes less than a year after joining the org alongside Mizkif, Esfand, Asmongold, and more. In his tweet, Bruce didn’t allude to any reason as to why he decided to resign from OTK.

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During his stream shortly after, Bruce called out Mizkif after receiving text messages from the Twitch star that rubbed him the wrong way.

BruceDropEmOff calls out “weird” Mizkif

During his stream on January 24, Bruce came back to his stream after stepping away for a few seconds.

“Mizkif, stop texting my phone, you are blocked b*tch a*s. Don’t ever come at me like that ever a day in your f*ckin life. I did way more for you than I was ever supposed to,” he said. “Don’t try to come at me…You’re supposed to be sending good energy. I should have left when your b*tch a*s got exposed.

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“That’s that weird sh*t, I don’t like that. F*ck you now. Now it’s f*ck you. You are weird as f*ck. There’s no drama it’s just weird energy because I left.”

Bruce continued, mentioning that he was “more than enough” of a friend to appear on Mizkif’s recent streams.

“I was more than enough of a friend to even come on your stream and stick my neck out for your white a*s when I knew some of my viewers never forgave you,” he said.

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Back in September 2022, Ice Poseidon leaked text messages from Mizkif using racist and homophobic slurs, and it appears Bruce and his community aren’t too happy about it.

This came alongside allegations that he helped cover up sexual assault, although the lawyer OTK hired to investigate the situation found Mizkif not guilty of doing so.

Neither Bruce nor Mizkif have made a comment since the stream, but we’ll be sure to update you if anything else happens.

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