Botez sisters slam GM Hikaru for claiming they’ll “never win anything” in chess

Michael Gwilliam
alexandra and andrea botez pose

Alexandra and Andrea Botez are putting GM Hikaru Nakamura on blast after he claimed they would never win anything when it comes to chess following GothamChess’s victory at the Streamer Awards.

Levy ‘GothamChess’ Rozman emerged victorious at QTCinderella’s Streamer Awards show, taking home the best chess streamer crown against Hikaru and the Botez sisters.

Following the win, Hikaru revealed he wasn’t sad about not winning. During a Twitch steam, he explained, “You look at Levy, you look at Botez, or people of that sort, they’re never going to win anything when it comes to chess.”

However, the Botez sisters are not taking Hikaru’s remarks lying down, and have responded to the chess grandmaster with some digs of their own.

Alexandra & Andrea Botez take aim at Hikaru’s chess diss

In response to Hikaru’s comments, Alexandra Botez uploaded a video from the former TSM streamer’s broadcast and edited together the wins both she and GothamChess had at the Streamer Awards.

Notably, both the Botez sisters and GothamChess were able to defeat Hikaru in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

“Is Hikaru going to unfollow me on Twitter again?” asked Alexandra, referencing her past feuds with the chess pro.

Andrea also shot back, quote tweeting her sister with the caption, “Excuse me I was Canadian National Champion!”

Although Andrea’s championship was for girls under 8, the point definitely still stands that the streamers had made a name for themselves in the chess world.

So far, neither GothamChess or Hikaru have responded to these comebacks, but it seems like there would potentially be another chess feud brewing between the superstar streamers.

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