Borat strikes deal to make Redditor his wife during AMA

Theo Salaun
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To celebrate the release of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, the highly anticipated sequel to 2006’s hit success, the infamous Kazakh reporter has engaged his fans with a Reddit AMA and laid down the foundations for marriage with one lucky commenter.

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It’s unclear whether Sacha Baron Cohen plays Borat or if Borat plays Sacha Baron Cohen. What is clear, however, is that the man with a bushy mustache, thick accent, and iconic grey suit is an absolute danger to play with anyone’s heart strings, conducting the melody of romance.

In absolute proof of the reporter’s seductive capacity, his Reddit AMA was absolutely littered with flirtations, sweet nothings, and some content too scandalous for unprepared eyes. But one exchange deserves commendation for its pure end goal: marriage.

While Borat has become visibly infatuated with blonde American women, he is a man known for his flexibility. It appears that flexibility has lent itself to courtship as well, with one Reddit comment paving the way for the blueprint of wedlock.

borat 2 reddit ama wife
Modern romance at its finest, a love story between Borat and his dear Fox248.

A confident, available Redditor by the delicate name of ‘Fox248’ made themself an option for Kazakhstan’s self-reported fourth-best reporter. In a simple, concise comment on Borat’s AMA, they asked him their question: “Do you need wife? I can be wife.”  

As The Office’s Kevin has made universally clear, many words are unnecessary when few words can accomplish the desired task. In this case, the desired task must have been the sensation of abdominal butterflies.

If you, too, were nervous and excited to know if modern love was budding. Borat’s answer ensures that it has bloomed, as the charming gentleman gave his new amorous interest a positive response: “I always look for new wife, if your current owner reach deal with me I will pay him up to 35 liters of insecticide and provide for you: red dress, two shoes of leather, and use of clock radio for three hours per week.”

Hi-Yield Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide, 35 liters of which can be yours if marriage with Borat is achieved.

It’s not every day that the public is exposed to the glamour of romance, but Borat does not abide by the conventions the masses typically observe. While he was honest about his preferences with Fox248, that is not rude, but, in fact, a cornerstone of sustainable relationships.  

As he told them, his “current color scheme preference is woman with yellow hairs like Pamella Andersons or Dog the Bounties Hunter.” This was not laid out as a deal-breaker, but simply as a preference.

Instead, the deal-breaker surrounds their abilities on the farm and in the child-rearing department. In a world full of shady behavior and mistrust, it is encouraging to know that a media celebrity can be so open to love.