Bizarre Twitter Prego sauce spaghetti hack confuses everyone

Alice Hearing
Ultimate spaghetti Prego hack goes viral
Facebook: Josh and Lisa

A video involving Prego sauce for the “ultimate spaghetti hack” has taken Twitter by storm and not necessarily because it works, but because of the method involved.

Foodies are dominating the online world in the midst of a global health crisis with many people utilizing their kitchens more than ever. Some hacks and recipes have become overnight sensations such as TikTok’s Feta Pasta and a 2-ingredient vegan chicken.

But lately, a recipe described as the “ultimate spaghetti hack” has ripped through Twitter in a video because it’s just so bizarre.

The video in question shows a woman pouring two entire jars of cold Prego sauce directly onto a countertop, followed by a giant line of meatballs, a mountain of parmesan, and huge stacks of pre-cooked spaghetti.

The cook says “this is the easiest way to make spaghetti for a crowd,” as the person filming looks on it shock adding a tentative, “is it?”

The hack’s creator emphasizes, it’s fun it’s just all right in front of you, you don’t have to worry about dishes or a mess or anything like that,” as the person filming says what we’re all thinking: “but it’s all over your counter??”

But the chef doesn’t back down, confirming that, “Yeah I do this all the time, this is like literally the fastest way to feed a ton of people.”

YouTuber Jarvis shared this clip on Twitter with the caption “what a normal and ultimate spaghetti hack!” and it has now had more than 3 million views.

Understandably, people are totally baffled by the trick and several tweets reacting to the video have also gone viral. User Rita Kozlov asked, “What trauma in these people’s lives caused them to hate plates so much?”

Some decried the disrespect towards Italian food, with user @hiddenrocklee tweeting, “Every time you do this hack an Italian dies.”

Others were simply mad that she used Prego sauce, with user AshNicoleMoss exclaiming: “as an Italian, I’d like to report this as a hate crime. FIRST OFF, she’s using Prego?! LOCK HER UP RIGHT NOW!”

The original video has actually come from a Facebook page called “Josh and Lisa,” a couple who frequently post videos about their lives, including other food-related fun and more videos involving food going directly onto the countertop.