David Dobrik’s assistant Natalie claps back at TikTok hate comments

Instagram: Natalie Noel/ YouTube: David Dobrik

Natalie Mariduena, David Dobrik’s assistant and lifelong friend, has clapped back at people leaving comments attacking the YouTuber under videos on her TikTok. 

In the past couple of months, David Dobrik has faced enormous backlash after a host of allegations came to light against the YouTuber and the Vlog squad including sexual assault and harassment, resulting in several companies backing out of working with them, and demonetization of Dobrik’s YouTube channel.

More recently, Dobrik was accused of causing Jeff Wittek’s life-threatening accident when it was revealed he was sitting in the driver’s seat of the excavator that nearly killed Wittek and gave him several very serious injuries.

david dobrik with his assistantInstagram: David Dobrik
Natalie and David Dobrik are extremely close

Natalie Mariduena is incredibly close to Dobrik, as his lifelong friend, assistant, and as the girlfriend of fellow vlog squad member Toddy Hall. It’s unsurprising that fans have been keeping an intense eye on Natalie’s social media.

Despite the recent backlash and her proximity to the YouTuber, Natalie has continued to post her own content across her social media channels, but she’s been unable to escape criticism towards David and even herself due to her association with him.

In a recent TikTok from Natalie in which she shows off some outfits from her wardrobe, several comments expressed animosity, with one comment saying, “Funny how you get to play dress up as Jeff lays in pain from an accident you probably helped approve.”

TikTok comments about David Dobrik on Natalie Mariduena's accountTikTok: Natalie Mariduena
Natalie snapped back at hateful comments

One person wrote, “When you try to be famous but can’t without David,” while another added, “so irrelevant without David.”

Natalie decided to clap back and wrote “Yo some of y’all need to chill. Dave’s still my best fkn friend! Sorry ya missed that in the 10-second TikTok I made in my frggn closet this morning lol.”

Meanwhile, several commenters also had her back with one person writing “Bro she’s just trying to make a cute video herself. Why are y’all hating?”

With comments such as these still ongoing, it looks as though the backlash against David Dobrik won’t quiet down any time soon.