Jake Paul under fire for boxing match party after Mike Tyson delay

Jake Paul looks at the camera and smokes a cigar.YouTube, Instagram: Jake Paul

YouTube star Jake Paul came under scrutiny in July for throwing a massive house party amid quarantine — but it doesn’t look like he’s finished living it up in spite of the backlash.

Jake Paul became the subject of widespread backlash after breaking quarantine to throw a massive house party with several high-profile influencers at his Team 10 mansion in Calabasas, California.

The raucous get-together incited the ire of his neighbors, considering the current global climate, and even earned the anger of Calabasas mayor Alicia Weintraub, who worked with local law enforcement to enact a “zero-tolerance” policy against large gatherings.

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However, it seems that the threat of law enforcement isn’t enough to dissuade Paul, who has thrown yet another massive party — this time, with a complete boxing match.

Footage from the gathering has made the rounds online, showing two opponents throwing down in the ring in the middle of the Team 10 mansion, surrounded on all sides by eager onlookers (many of whom don’t seem to be wearing a mask).

Since the footage went viral, Paul has been met with criticism on all sides, with many decrying the YouTuber for throwing yet another party in the middle of a massive health crisis.

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Of course, Paul isn’t the only influencer to come under fire for partying; other stars, such as those involved in the Sway House of TikTok fame and even names like Dixie D’Amelio, are likewise catching heat for living it up every night.

Despite influencers seemingly being above the law, California has mandated that large gatherings are prohibited in LA County — but that doesn’t seem to be stopping these internet famous moguls, and critics are calling for their mobile applications to take a stand.

“At this point, the apps that they’re on — whether it be Youtube or TikTok — need to take action,” one user tweeted. “You take away their revenue, I guarantee they’ll stop.”

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“Something serious needs to be done,” another wrote. “It makes me furious that after 4 f**king months, they still don’t understand how serious this is. I don’t understand how selfish and careless you have to be to keep doing this stuff that’s is affecting other people.”

For now, it doesn’t look like Jake Paul, at least, is giving a single care about what other people think — although whether that’s a wise decision in the midst of his FBI investigation remains to be seen.

The latest buzz around Jake Paul’s party likewise follows the delay of his upcoming boxing match against former NBA star Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr undercard — though it looks like audience-filled boxing matches aren’t going to happen anytime soon, with the way influencers are bending the rules.

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