Ben Affleck praises MrBeast as “king of the world”

Dylan Horetski
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Twitter: @etnow/Ben Affleck/YouTube: MrBeast

Former Batman star Ben Affleck praised YouTube philanthropist MrBeast during an interview with his son to promote his upcoming movie, ‘The Tender Bar’. 

Since he started acting in the early 90’s, Ben Affleck has gained popularity for his role in Good Will Hunting and Armageddon while more recently he’s starred as Batman in movies like Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League.

Even though he’s held those roles as Batman, it doesn’t mean his own son prefers him as his favorite celebrity.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote Affleck’s upcoming movie ‘The Tender Bar,’ his son revealed that he prefers MrBeast — and Affleck had nothing bad to say about the YouTube mogul.

An image of YouTube MrBeast in his Squid Game video.
YouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast recreated Squid Game, and it quickly became his most viewed video with over 168 million views.

Ben Affleck praises MrBeast during an interview

While promoting his upcoming movie, Ben Affleck brought his son along for an interview with Entertainment Tonight. As the host asked his son if he’s learned anything “cool” about his dad, he just laughed so Ben took over.

He said: “If I played Minecraft on YouTube, I’d be impressive to my son. But you know… unfortunately, I don’t.”

His son then added that he loves “this guy named MrBeast,” to which the actor quickly responded: “My kid loves MrBeast too. This guy is the king of the world. He’s actually a very kind guy, I got the chance to talk to him.”

As his son reacted to the fact his father got to talk to MrBeast, Affleck laughed as he said: “I got to talk to him and now you’re impressed. I was frickin’ Batman, turns out you prefer MrBeast.”

Once the interview with viral on Twitter, the YouTuber responded: “Bring him to be in a video! Haha.”

This isn’t the first time a mainstream celebrity showed their love for the YouTuber. On November 10, Leonardo Dicaprio praised his philanthropy efforts, including the ongoing Team Seas fundraiser which has raised over 18 million dollars so far.