Australian YouTuber under fire after spraying gamers with deodorant at local event

Jeremy Gan

An Australian YouTuber is under fire after making a video spraying gamers with deodorant at local event DreamHack Melbourne, sparking criticism of their poor taste in what classifies as a ‘joke’. 

Conventions, especially those related to gaming, can be quite the stink fest at times. Dubbed ‘Convention Funk’ by the cosplay community, it generally can’t be avoided as packing hundreds of people in a confined space can be quite the sweaty affair. 

However, an Australian YouTuber seemed to have taken it upon himself to ‘fix’ this issue by spraying deodorant in the vicinity of crowds at DreamHack Melbourne last month. Just hours after sharing these antics, the wannabe content creator has been heavily criticized and even had action taken against them from event organizers ESL.

In a vlog from fledgling YouTuber Boggles titled, “spraying gamers at gaming convention”, he can be seen going around one of the halls of the convention spraying multiple cans of deodorant into the air. A DreamHack employee soon asked him to stop, to which he seemingly complied. 

The segment brought criticism towards Boggles nonetheless, as many pointed out that people with asthma could have suffered a severe attack due to the amount of deodorant he was carelessly spraying around. 

Nick Bobir, founder of Australian esports org The Chiefs, said, “Good way to get yourself blacklisted from future events like PAX/DreamHack/IEM.” He continued, “Health aside it would have been funnier to see him do this at an AFL or NRL crowd and see what they thought of the hilarious joke.” 

Soon after going viral among the Aussie gaming community, raking in more than 100,000 views on Twitter, Boggles has now landed in the crosshairs of ESL. It appears they may have been banned from future ESL events in Australia, as the event organizer tweeted out a response to the video 24 hours later. 

“Individuals who create at the expense of others, and who potentially risk the safety of others in the course of doing so, will most likely find themselves unwelcome at future events we hold.” Continuing to say, “In this instance, action has been taken.” 

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