Aussie influencer quits social media due to backlash over killing two cats

Meera Jacka
Aussie influencer quits social media due to backlash over killing two cats

An Australian influencer recently admitted to killing not one but two cats as a child. Her followers were not impressed, leading to Claiir announcing that she will be stepping away from social media.

Australian influencer Emma Claiir cohosted a podcast on April 17 with fellow influencer Kristy Jean when things took an unexpected turn.

In the podcast, titled Simply Chaotic, Claiir admitted she killed two cats as a child, shocking many of her followers.

Now, as the backlash continues to mount in the weeks following, Claiir has announced she will be stepping away from social media.

“I was like swinging my cat around. Like I was just thinking it was like a stuffed toy and I accidentally let go of it [sic],” Claiir said in the podcast. “It died from the fright.”

She went on to say her sister didn’t speak to her for months following the incident, and her mom was “fuming”. But the story didn’t end there.

Claiir added, “If you really want to know more about me, I also killed my best friend’s cat.”

While Claiir maintains that the killings were an accident, people were disgusted by the influencer’s approach to the story.

Many felt she was “bragging” and “proud” of her actions, and didn’t feel like there was any remorse.

Claiir went on to defend herself via an Instagram story, referring to the story as “a bit of light humor”.

Multiple brands dropped the influencer due to her past animal cruelty, including MCoBeauty, Glassons, Lust Minerals, and Princess Polly Boutique.

Despite posting another Instagram story with an apology, Claiir has since revealed she received death threats and lost her job.

With the backlash taking a toll on her mental health, Claiir announced she would be saying goodbye to social media, “Will it be forever? I don’t know yet but what I do know is that it’s going to be for a while and probably longer than most of you would expect.”

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