Asmongold suggests new Twitter “ratio” feature that could ban Dr Disrespect’s account

asmongold would get dr disrespect banned on twitterFreepik/Asmongold/DrDisrespect

Twitch streaming sensation Asmongold has pitched a new Twitter feature that could end up resulting in Dr Disrespect being banned from yet another platform.

Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban in the summer of 2020 remains one of the most bizarre streaming mysteries of all time with seemingly no one but Doc and the Amazon-owned platform knowing why he was banned.

However, if Asmongold had his way with a new Twitter feature, Dr Disrespect would be banned from the platform and everyone would know exactly why: a failed ratio.

On August 30, the award-winning MMORPG streamer explained that he’d like to see Twitter implement a feature where failed “ratios” would result in a banned account and the two-time took the bait hook line and sinker.

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Asmongold wants Twitter users banned for failed “ratios”

On social media, a “ratio” occurs when a comment has more likes than the main post, seemingly, but not always, suggesting that more people agree with the comment than the original.

Some people take ratios a bit too seriously, but for many, it’s just a typical part of bantering on social media sites such as Twitter. Still, for Asmongold, the whole thing seems to have run its course.

In a post on Twitter, Asmongold suggested that the site implement a new feature where a failed result would result in their account being automatically banned.

The post started getting traction and even got the attention of Dr Disrespect who tried to ratio the World of Warcraft streamer himself writing: “out played, out ratioed by the 2x.”

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Unfortunately for Doc, his ratio was a failed one, which, by Asmongold’s own rules, would mean that the 6’8 freak of nature, he would be barred from tweeting and sent back to the arena without a Twitter account.

Even One True King got in on the action and suggested the two-time deactivate his account following the failed attempt.

Of course, it’s unlikely that Twitter decides to implement Asmongold’s idea, but if the company ever ends up changing hands to someone such as Elon Musk, you never know what could happen.