Jake Paul supports Elon Musk’s takeover of “corrupt” Twitter

Jake Paul Elon MuskJake Paul/YouTube: Tesla

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul has revealed his support for Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, a deal that was recently finalized after weeks of deliberation. 

In early April 2022, Elon Musk revealed that he purchased three billion dollars worth of shares of the popular social media platform.

He quickly teased an edit button and other significant improvements for the future before eventually putting in an offer to purchase the company entirely. This offer enraged many users of the platform.

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However, Jake Paul revealed his support for the Tesla founder to purchase Twitter just minutes before the company announced a definitive agreement.

skysports-jake-paul-boxing_5574308Jake Paul
Jake Paul has grown from a YouTuber to an event-winning boxer over the years.

Jake Paul reveals Elon Musk support

On April 25, Jake Paul revealed his support for Musk’s purchase in a tweet — claiming that the platform is “toxic” and “corrupt.”

“With Twitter being the most toxic and corrupt platform full of lies from the left they will no longer have a platform to censor, hide, and manipulate the truth,” he said.

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“If this tweet makes you mad then you’re guilty. Love it. Love Elon.”

Paul isn’t the only influencer who has shown support for the purchase in recent weeks. Amouranth and Andrew Schulz, are among those who have supported Elon’s involvement in the company.

On April 17, Joe Rogan also explained that he believes Musk’s desire to buy Twitter is motivated because he “cares” about freedom of speech.

“I think he does care. He does. Genuinely,” said Rogan. “He’s concerned about censorship. He said freedom of speech is someone you don’t like saying something you don’t want to hear. He goes, they have to have that right. It’s essential to democracy.”

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Elon Musk buys Twitter

Less than an hour after Jake Paul posted his tweet, it was revealed by PRNewswire that the Tesla Founder and Twitter have come to a definitive agreement for Musk to purchase the company.

After the deal closes, existing shareholders will receive $54.20 per share that they hold. This amount is based on the share value at the time Elon revealed his 9% investment into the company on April 1.

It’s unknown if anything will change on the platform after the deal is made official, so we’ll have to wait until then to see.

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