Asmongold gives advice on how to handle online harassment

asmongold face screenshot headerYouTube: Asmongold TV

Popular Twitch streamer ‘Asmongold’ released a lengthy YouTube video talking about his experience with online harassment and offered advice on effective ways to deal with it.

Anyone who has spent a good amount of time on the internet or social media has likely experienced some unpleasant interactions with strangers online. Thanks to online anonymity and the internet’s ease of access, it’s become easier than ever for people to receive harassment online.

Arguably, content creators and influencers often suffer the brunt of online harassment the most. As such, it can be a profession where creators need to have thick skin and effective ways to combat online trolls and bullies.

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Recently, popular Twitch streamer and content creator Asmongold made a lengthy video to talk about his experience with online harassment over the years as well as give advice to those who may experience similar situations in the future.

Asmongold weighs in on online harassment

On February 17, 2023, Asmongold released a 25-minute video titled “How I Deal With Harassment on the Internet.” The streamer opened up the video by saying that it’s “no secret that a lot of people have been harassed online recently,” and wanted to offer advice based on his own experience.

Though not directly stated, Asmongold was likely referring to the recent Hogwarts Legacy controversy that has engulfed Twitch following the game’s release, which the content creator recently spoke out about.

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He opened his video by acknowledging the “unfortunate paradox” or “Catch-22” of creating online content, in that people should not pursue making content online if they are not prepared to deal with harassment, but harassment is something that should not happen online to begin with.

The first piece of advice Asmongold gives is to properly categorize people’s feedback online. The WoW veteran noted that “people not thinking the same thing you do is not them harassing you,” but affirmed that hurtful comments about physical appearance or troll comments are examples of feedback that should be disregarded.

Another piece of advice that Asmongold gives is to recognize that there is a difference between who you are online versus the person offline. “Whenever you take criticism [online] I think it’s important to kind of create an effigy of who you are online… People attack the person you are online—not necessarily you.”

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Asmongold’s full video takes a much deeper dive into this complicated online reality and it’s clearly a subject he’s passionate about. Those interested in content creation or the online social space should give the video a watch for some thoughtful advice.