Asmongold lashes out at Twitch viewers harassing Hogwarts Legacy streamers: ‘Unacceptable’

hogwarts legacy asmongold imageWarner Bros. Games/ YouTube: Asmongold

World of Warcraft star Asmongold flamed Twitch viewers who were actively harassing streamers in chat for playing the divisive new release, Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is the newest big game to be released in 2023. With a wonderful wizarding world to explore, it’s no surprise it’s absolutely killing it on platforms such as Twitch. The game is so popular that it’s already broken Twitch’s record for the most viewed category of any single-player title, just hours after launch. The game’s highest peak viewership stood at a monstrous 1.2 million viewers, beating out Cyberpunk which originally held the record.

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However, the game has come with its fair share of controversy, due to the link Hogwarts Legacy has to the creator of the Harry Potter franchise, J.K. Rowling, who has been accused of making transphobic comments in recent years. Due to this association, the game has come under boycott from many Twitch viewers wanting streamers to refrain from spotlighting the game and giving it further publicity.

The boycott has even resulted in some Twitch viewers harassing streamers via their chat and going so far as to even make one of them cry on stream.

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Many high-profile personalities on the platform such as HasanAbi and xQc have given their takes on this trend, with Asmongold now joining in, lashing out at Twitch viewers looking to criticize streamers.

Asmongold heavily condemned individuals who were harassing streamers on February 7, telling them to “get the f*** out of here, no one wants you to be here”.

He went on to further question the ideals of individuals doing so, stating: “There is no world where this is acceptable, I don’t know what happened to people on the internet that they think that they’re disagreement with somebody, that the other person has to listen to them.”

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Asmon was so heavily outraged, he even went so far as to call them “NPCs. Who gives a f*** what you think? You’re a f**** name on the screen. You’re an NPC.”

In support of his other streamers, Asmongold began to deliver advice to those being harassed.

“People that are streamers and content creators, never engage with this stuff. Don’t waste your time, don’t invest your emotional energy, don’t get angry about it, don’t try to win these people over, don’t try to explain why they’re wrong. Just instantly ban them, give them no attention, and anybody else who complains about it… Ban them too.”

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Hogwarts Legacy’s popularity has only grown more and more over time and will most likely see spikes in gameplay numbers on the game’s full release on February 10, 2023.