Ankle monitor for kids has viewers shocked as it goes viral – but is it real?

Spoof product of ankle monitor by legbootTikTok: legbootlegit

A viral video on TikTok has the internet surprised and confused in equal measure as it shows an ankle monitor for kids which acts as an actual electronic tag made for criminals – but is it real?

A video posted by Legboot (@legbootlegit) has gone viral as the user is seen shopping at Walmart, with the TikTok captioned, “Omg as a parent I’m finally getting a good night’s sleep, tysm.”

The video is of a toy device, similar to electronic tags used on criminals, but for your children and can be bought at a general store.

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The TikTok was reposted on Twitter which went viral as it amassed 1.2 million views and 2 million views on TikTok itself.

The TikToker is heard saying that the device is for parents of young children who cannot get enough sleep at night. He says the lack of sleep is probably because the kids refuse to stay in their rooms.

What is the ankle monitor?

The device looks like a simple toy but is designed exactly like a real ankle monitor. The parent continued, “That was my problem too until recently when I found this ankle monitor in Walmart.”

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He added, “This brand is a godsend. Taking a page out of the criminal rehabilitation playbook,” as the video sees him strapping it on his own child’s leg.

The TikToker explains that the device can be easily strapped on as he screws it shut with an allen key, adding that the device “puts in the work 24/7 to make sure they’re staying where they belong”.

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He also shows that there is an app that allows you to customize and set up zones for your kids for where they are allowed to go and not.

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The user shows a timeout zone option which is the room where they are supposed to stay and he added that for extra safety, the monitor can also set up “no go zones”.

He revealed that whenever his kid goes out of the room he should be in, he gets a notification on his phone. The creator adds that you can scream at them or impose his favorite option to employ the built-in electrical impulse training tool.

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Is the toy real?

No, the electronic tag for kids is not real. The TikTok is supposed to be a parody, posted by Legboot, who is known for pulling pranks on people with such unreal products. He created this spoof product in collaboration with  @shampoooty.

The toy device does look real with the packaging but a closer look at the brand name would give away the spoof product as it is from a brand called Little Yikes instead of the popular brand, Little Tikes.

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The end of the TikTok would easily give away that the product isn’t real as it talks about the electrical training tool, meant to shock children.

He ends the video talking about the electrical feature saying, “It’s actually pretty therapeutic. For me.”

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