Andrew Tate says he used “divine powers” to stop a group from intimidating him in prison

Andrew TateRumble: Tatespeech

Andrew Tate says that he had to use “divine powers” to stop a group of people attempting to intimidate him while in Romanian custody.

It’s been almost three months since Andrew Tate was taken into custody in December 2022, and the controversial influencer has managed to stay in the headlines since.

Although he’s remained in custody, Tate has managed to continue to post on his Twitter account with tweets calling out Logan Paul and he even claimed that he can fly.

In one of his most recent posts, Tate has now claimed that he used “divine powers” to stop a group of people attempting to intimidate him in prison.

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Andrew Tate used “divine power” to keep men from intimidating him

In his tweet on March 7, Andrew Tate revealed that he was doing laundry when three “mortals” attempted to intimidate him while doing laundry.

“At laundry today, 3 mortals attempted to intimidate me. Unaware of my divine powers, I extended my hand and clicked my fingers. Then asked them a simple question. Do you know the secrets of Yoga fire? They are not sure why this changed their minds, but it did,” he said.

Many users quickly took to the replies of the tweet to point out that “Yoga Fire” is in reference to one of the special attacks for the character Dhalsim in Street Fighter.

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“I just heard Super Nintendo “yoga fire” sound from street fighter.. lol,” one user replied.

Another commented: “Bro think he Dhalsim.”

“So is this some kind of Street Fighter II reference that impressed them?” a third said.