Andrew Schulz explains why Jake Paul is “underdog” in Anderson Silva fight

Connor Bennett
Andrew Schulz and Jake Paul side by side talking to cameraYouTube: Flagrant/Jake Paul

Andrew Schulz believes Jake Paul is the “underdog” for his fight with Anderson Silva, but isn’t putting it past the YouTuber to pull off an upset.

After his planned fights for August were scrapped, Jake Paul quickly set his sights on returning to the ring in October. That return finally happens on October 29, as he steps in between the ropes to fight Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva.

The fight with the UFC legend is a bit different from the other MMA fighters he’s fought in the boxing ring, seeing as Silva has got a fair bit of boxing experience under his belt and is a renowned striker.

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After wrapping up his review of UFC 280, Andrew Schulz touched on the fight during his October 25 episode of the Flagrant Podcast, suggesting Jake is going into it on the back foot.

Andrew Schulz says Jake Paul is “underdog” against Anderson Silva

“I think Jake can pull it off, I know it sounds crazy but I think Jake can pull it off,” Schulz said. Though, his co-host Akaash noted the YouTuber might have some serious ring rust after last fighting almost a year ago.

“Jake might have gotten better in the last year but that was like a year ago,” he replied. “And Woodley got some licks in. (Anderson) is a much better boxer and that’s where I’d like to see Jake win, but I don’t know.”

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Schulz noted that Anderson is a better striker than Woodley and has more experience under his belt, which makes Jake a bit of an “underdog” for the fight. “It’s so tricky. Every time you go Jake is not going to do it, he does and at a certain point in time you’ve got to roll with him,” he added.

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The Flagrant podcast host stated that he is excited for the bout and hopes it does well from a pay-per-view perspective, especially as plenty of MMA fans are curious about what Anderson does.

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Some bookmakers have got Jake as a slight underdog, which backs up Schulz’s take but at the end of the day, it only takes one punch.

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