Ludwig calls Depp-Heard defamation case “the juiciest trial I’ve seen”

Ludwig looking at Johnny Depp in defamation caseYouTube: Law & Crime Network / YouTube: Ludwig

One of the faces of YouTube streaming, Ludwig, has chimed in on the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial which has gripped the world, calling the proceedings “the juiciest trial” he’s seen.

The publicly-available defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has gripped the internet, Ludwig included.

In fact, it’s captivated the YouTube star so much that he “woke up at 7am…heart racing” for the proceedings.

“I was like ‘dude I really wanna watch the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial’,” he said on an April 26 broadcast.

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However, he couldn’t help but compare some of the drama happening in the courtroom to instances of streaming controversy over the last couple of years.

While Ludwig has often kept drama at arm’s length, he’s all-in on the Depp vs Heard case.

Right off the bat, Ludwig compared the heightened drama between Depp and Heard to Mizkif’s game show, Schooled: “I guess it is a Mizkif video, cause she did cheat.”

He was also dismayed by allegations of Heard’s conduct during the relationship, which have been widely publicized.

“Gotta give respect to Amber Heard for one thing, and one thing only: having the balls to sh*t on a pillow. Not sh*tting in a toilet is genuinely so hard.

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“Do you know the number of times I’ve walked past Slime’s pillow and thought about sh*tting on it?”

Ludwig did defend himself from some critics though, who thought he was making too much entertainment out of the allegations. “We can say funny [things] cause this is not an abuse case, it is a defamation case,” he said.

Some have labeled the case as “the trial of the century”. Ahgren has argued against the validity of the title for now: “How’re they gonna call it trial of the century when there’s 80 years left?”

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However, he conceded the trial had gripped him like none other.

“This is the juiciest trial I’ve seen since my frontal cortex developed and I could understand people. I was alive when OJ Simpson happened, but I don’t remember it.”

As for who Ludwig thinks is winning in the court of public opinion? The streamer is firmly in the Depp camp for now.

“Right now Johnny seems up, but for sure Amber’s team scales so they wanna close this earlier rather than later,” throwing in a bit of gaming terminology to wrap it up.

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