Adin Ross proposes “FaZe 2.0” to Banks amid ongoing drama

Shay Robson
Adin Ross and FaZe Banks

Adin Ross has spoken with FaZe Clan co-owner Banks after an internal battle has sparked within the organization.

On March 12, Teeqo, who’s been a member of FaZe Clan for the better part of 12 years, lashed out at the North American organization, claiming the owners never “gave two f***s” about him” while also allegedly prioritizing paying new members.

Since then, other members have also come forward to ‘expose’ FaZe of its alleged wrongdoings, including co-owner Rain — who’s put his org on blast repeatedly in the past few months.

While many members have voiced their thoughts on the situation, one has stayed particularly quiet — that being co-owner Ricky Banks. However, in a recent broadcast with Twitch star turned Kick streamer Adin Ross, Banks has finally spoke on the situation.

Banks speaks on FaZe Clan drama

In a March 24 live stream, Adin hopped on FaceTime with Banks, where he offered him a proposition — suggesting they should both make FaZe 2.0.

“Listen, me and you we make FaZe 2.0 and f**king make this sh*t where it was before,” Adin said.

Banks responded by giving Adin a bit of an ‘inside scoop’, revealing he’s currently working on a project, although remained tightlipped as to what he’s actually working on. “Daddy’s working on something very big,” he said.

“F**k the corporations, we gotta bring back the kids’ minds!” Adin replied.

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Less than a year after going public on the Nasdaq exchange, FaZe Clan is now reportedly looking at their options to go private, according to Sports Business Journal.

On March 23, the organization received a notice from Nasdaq, informing them that their common stock “failed to comply with the $1 minimum bid price required for continued listing on The Nasdaq Capital Market,” for 30 consecutive business days.

If the organization fails to recover its stock price to $1.00 for a minimum of 10 business days before September 19, 2023, they risk being delisted from the stock market.

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