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Addison Rae reveals one thing you should know before starting TikTok

Published: 20/May/2020 1:53 Updated: 20/May/2020 12:14

by Alan Bernal


TikTok star Addison Rae opened up about the rocky road of being a viral sensation, and talked about overcoming one of the biggest problems she wished she knew about before the fame set in.

Addison has amassed over 35 million followers on TikTok, taking the app by storm with dance videos and her regular updates. However, the fame has also made her a target for online hate, as people have body-shamed and directed “hurtful” comments at her since her ascension.

In an interview with TigerBeat TV, the star gave more insight about what she wishes she had prepared herself more for. This would be, in some part, due to her past encounters with online negativity.


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Rae has been the target of online hate multiple times in her career.

“Oddly enough, I feel like I would’ve told myself to not worry about comments, hate comments, as much,” Addison said in response to what she wished she knew about before starting out on TikTok. “Ignore the hate. Continue. Don’t give up.”

The 19-year-old star wasn’t ready for the troves of trolls and bizarre trend of negativity that usually comes with online fame. Still, she has been able to take the hits in stride, given the latest sagas of issues directed toward her.

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In early April, popular Twitch streamer and FaZe Clan member Nate Hill released a TikTok slamming Rae. Many were critical of the video, later forcing Hill to take down the clip, and she responded in kind.


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“This makes me really sad,” Rae said at the time. “I can’t change how people interact with me or my tweets… but I’m thankful they do… I struggle with body image and insecurities in general and this can be so hurtful.”

Later that month she saw many people online commenting about her weight and said that it “hurts to see people on my fyp [For You page] calling me ‘a whale’ and saying ‘she’s fat now.’”

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But once again, the popular TikTok personality brushed off the hate saying: “I just want to encourage everyone who hears these things about themselves to love yourself!! If you are healthy and happy, do NOT listen to these hurtful comments. You are perfect.”


While Rae said she wishes she would have known about all of the heat that comes with online fame, she’s been a persistent force on TikTok regardless of the internet’s darker side.