Addison Rae claims she’s “losing friends” over Troy Zarba dating rumors

YouTube: Addison Rae / Instagram: zarbruh

TikTok star Addison Rae has officially broken things off with former beau and Sway House member Bryce Hall — but fans are already pairing her with another guy, and Rae claims the speculation is harming her personal life.

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall became the internet’s most talked-about couple since the impromptu marriage between Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul last year, although these TikTok lovebirds weren’t ever actually “together.”

Appearing in each others videos and social media posts, it certainly seemed like the two were dating on the down-low: but both Hall and Rae claimed that there was nothing official between them.

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However, on September 3, Rae confirmed that she and Hall had broken off their purported romance for good, with both parties publishing a series of tweets further affirming their split.

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall pose in an affectionate embrace.Instagram: Bryce Hall
TikTokers Bryce Hall and Addison Rae stirred up dating rumors for months before officially confirming their split in September 2020.

Fans have since begun to pair Addison Rae with TikToker Troy Zarba mere days later, who was seen posing for a photo at Rae’s home shortly after her breakup with Hall — and it isn’t boding well for her personal affairs.

Rae spoke out on the issue in a series of Instagram comments on September 7, writing, “The fact I’m losing friendships over this makes me so upset.”

“I’ve been friends with Troy since August,” she continued. “Did y’all not see my NYC vlog? Haha, also, do y’all not hang out with your friends or should I just not have them?”

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This statement bodes similar to her previous tweets following her split with Hall, where she wrote, “Stop forcing friendships into relationships.”

Thus far, fans are divided as to Addison’s response to the drama, both hoping for a new romantic prospect for their favorite TikToker while also begging critics to stop obsessing over her love life.

Although she’s in the public eye, it can’t be easy having all your interactions placed under a microscope — especially after TikToker Nessa Barrett hit back at paparazzi for filming her during an emotional moment at dinner.

It seems like Addison continues to steal the social media spotlight, for good or ill — but there’s no denying the stress stars feel when placed under the intense pressure of fans in every aspect of their lives.

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