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‘acbdefu’ singer GAYLE reveals support from Olivia Rodrigo amid comparisons

Published: 20/Dec/2021 23:09

by Dylan Horetski


Popular singer ‘GAYLE’ went viral on TikTok with her angry break-up song ‘abcdefu,’ and has revealed that Olivia Rodrigo reached out to her amid listeners comparing her song to Rodrigo’s ‘Good 4 u.’

Chart-topping musician Olivia Rodrigo is no stranger to TikTok’s ability to help songs go viral. The short-form video platform helped the singer’s popularity explode with her songs ‘Drivers License’ and ‘Good 4 u,’ earning her earn Entertainer of the Year in 2021.

Singer GAYLE similarly went viral on TikTok as her song ‘abcdefu’ began taking over the platform with millions of videos being made using her track. In the midst of this, many listeners compared GAYLE’s song to Rodrigo’s hit ‘Good 4 u,’ bringing up the worry that Olivia Rodrigo might get mad at her for “copying” the song.


During an interview with Audacy Music for their “Audacy Check-In” series, GAYLE revealed that she has actually received support from the ‘Good 4 u’ singer.

GAYLE reveals support from Olivia Rodrigo amid ‘Good 4 u’ comparisons

When interview host Julia Lepidi asked the viral artist if anyone she looks up to had reached out to her after the song went viral, GAYLE revealed that Olivia Rodrigo had actually sent her a DM via Instagram.

“I feel like being a young female artist with my first song having an ‘x angrier‘ version, people compare the two of us as artists,” she revealed. “I’ve always heard comparisons between ‘Good 4 u’ and ‘abcdefu,’ and everyone felt the need to make the two songs compete against each other.”


She went on to detail her conversation with Rodrigo, saying, “I was just very happy to have that moment of the two of us coming together. [We said to each other] I support what you do, we can both be great in our own ways. People are gonna feel the need to compare and compete.”

GAYLE also explained that the two singers agreed to “do great things” with their music before ending their interaction together.

‘acbdefu’ was created by GAYLE after she posted a video asking for her fans to give her ideas for a song. The chosen comment ended up saying “make a break up song using the alphabet,” and the viral hit was created.