14 biggest video game films & tv coming soon: Uncharted, The Last of Us

nathan drake and joel miller from uncharted and TLOUNaughty Dog

Video games continue to be a huge business that rakes in billions each year. With the increased attitudes towards accessible streaming services and continued game sales, more and more are being brought to the visual medium. Here are the biggest upcoming video game film & tv shows we can hope to see.

Regardless of the current legacy of video game films and TV series, the future is always bright. There’s always the fear that a beloved video game franchise is going to be stopped up and given the Hollywood touch. Lots of the time this strips a game of the things that made it so prosperous and treasured. But lots have also got the formula spot on.

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In any event, there seems to be more video game film & TV projects being given the green light than ever before. Today, we’ll pick out the standout mentions for you to look forward to. With this knowledge, you can pre-book tickets, renew Netflix, and hopefully look forward to some stunning adaptations.

What to expect and look forward to

Firstly, it’s simple to suggest we can expect ALL of them to come out in 2021. However, we’ve obviously all been subjected to a worldwide disruption that has changed a lot of things. Presumably, production schedules are another thing that will have been interrupted. So if any of these turn out to be inaccurate, they’ll be updated accordingly.

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In any case, here some upcoming video game film & tv series we can hopefully savor in the near future.



nathan drake and sully in unchartedNaughty Dog
Sony have a lot of expectation to meet.

Filming is done. The wait begins. One of the most adored franchises over the last 10+ years is finally coming to the big screen. Starring Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake and Mark Whalberg as his Sullivan, the hype will reach unfathomable heights for this one. We have to hope that the film some semblance of the successful games.

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Rainbow Six

rainbow six siege shotgunUbisoft
It’ll be tough to translate this to the big screen.

A hugely successful esports King, but will it translate to a film? That’s the big question. Not much is known about the film as yet. All we do know is that it stars Michael B. Jordan – known for his roles in Creed and Black Panther.

Tomb Raider 2

lara croft in tomb raider shadow of the tomb raiderCrystal Dynamics
Great games have struggled to become great films, can Tomb Raider 2 change that?

2018’s reboot of Tomb Raider saw the return of our legendary treasure hunter, the original Nathan Drake. Alicia Vikander performed admirably in the role and is set to hit the big screen as Lara once again.

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steve and friend in minecraftMojang
Minecraft is a phenomenon like no other.

Hands up who asked for as Minecraft film? That’s what I thought. But I guess it makes sense if that game has sold over 200 million copies and is one of the most successful money-makers in history, then why not? This bizarrely live-action film’s production has been pushed back, but will eventually be released.

Mortal Kombat

raiden in mk 11NetherRealm Studios
Will the new MK movie be another fatality?

After two largely unsuccessful efforts, in the mid-90’s, to recreate the magic of Mortal Kombat, a third now finally beckons. Unless you have thousands upon thousands of gallons of blood spilled and 4 spines ripped out, then it’s a tough ask. Nevertheless, the film’s tentative release date has been moved back, but is still set for 2021.

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The Division

a sqaud in the division 2Ubisoft
A lockdown, militaristic life could be great if done right.

Another big Ubisoft name trying to be propelled into the spotlight. Again, there’s not much substance behind this one. But we do know that’s already got Jake Gyllenhall and Jessica Chastain are signed up to star in it.

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Monster Hunter

dragon in monster hunterCapcom
Milla really doesn’t enjoy fighting people.

Releasing very soon, Monster Hunter games are awe-inspiring RPGs that feature epic battles against ominous beasts. So it’ll be interesting to see how Resident Evil’s Milla Jovovich can translate that to the Monster Hunter film.

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Five Night’s At Freddy’s

freddy fazbear statue in fnaf security breachScott Cawthon games
Don’t let the bright colors fool you, this is not a friendly game.

The breakout horror-hit has not only scared YouTubers and streamers alike but will scare live audiences too. It’s faced a long development period, but creator Scott Cawthon is still resilient in his attempts to have his animatronics come to life, again. Interestingly, Christopher Colombus is currently in the Director’s chair, the faith is high for FNAF.


The Last of Us – HBO

ellie and joel in tlouNaughty Dog
Will they incorporate this iconic image?

Another Naughty Dog project that hardcore fans will not want to see messed up. The original 2013 game quickly cemented itself as an all-time great thanks to its masterful storytelling. The show is currently in the early stages of development, so we’ll find out whether HBO can do this ever-popular title justice.

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The Witcher Season 2

geralt of rivia and yennefer of vengerbergCD Projekt Red
The Witcher Season 2 aims to bring more thrills and blood spills.

Geralt of Rivia returns to slay more beasts and the hearts of many. Henry Cavill has captured the hearts of many with his portrayal of Geralt. The Witcher has a lot of longevity and it’s going to be a fascinating return for Netflix’s adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s classic.

Resident Evil

chris redfield in resident evil 8Capcom
Can it offer a bit more horror and tension than the original films did?

It turns out that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was the final chapter…sort of. The game synonymous with zombies is being rebooted for Netflix and welcomes a brand new cast. It’s also getting a dual-release with a fully animated show, and a live-action one that includes Tom Hopper, Hannah John-Kamen, and Neal McDonough.

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Final Fantasy

ff14 battleSquare Enix
Interesting to see Final Fantasy 14 get the nod for the setting.

This one is going to be a fascinating watch or an incredible trainwreck. The world of Final Fantasy is so magical and wondrous that a live-action adaptation could be fun. Set during FF14, we should hopefully be treated to all the dramatic summons, spells, and drama that a FF film should have.


mugman fighting cagney carnation in cupheadStudio MDHR
More of this would be a knockout!

StudioMDHR’s innovative and charming side-scroller is receiving its own Netflix series called The Cuphead Show! It’s already had a trailer, it’s already got the buzz, and it continues Cuphead’s meteoric rise from the adorable indie title. The game itself is racked with personality and memorable characters, this show should be a continuation of that.

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Splinter Cell

sam fisher in r6 siegeUbisoft
A successful adaptation might lead to a new game.

Some fans will be furious that a film is set to arrive before a new Splinter Cell game, but it is what it is. Not much is known about the potential film, Tom Hardy was originally announced to be playing Sam Fisher, but there’s hasn’t been much on it since. The latest reports say that it could be transitioning to a Netflix TV series instead.

And that’s your lot.

As you can see, plenty of upcoming video game films and tv shows to look forward to with more sure to be announced.

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