Uncharted movie – trailer, casting, and everything we know

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The Uncharted movie is the latest video game movie in development, getting its first trailer as well as an official release date. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming film. 

The Uncharted movie has been in development hell for around 10 years now. After having Mark Wahlberg originally attached to the film to play Nathan Drake himself, the script and director underwent massive changes multiple times. Most thought the film would never be released.

Now, Sony is pushing full-steam ahead with Uncharted, which is set to star Tom Holland as the titular character. Here’s everything we know about the movie based on the hit video game.

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Uncharted Movie: release date

Uncharted is set to release in theaters on February 18, 2022. With the release date not too far out, it won’t be long before we finally get to watch Nathan Drake and Sully on the big screen.

Uncharted Movie: trailer and first look

The most recent trailer can be seen below, released on December 23, 2021.

In October 2021, the first big trailer for the Uncharted movie dropped, giving us an up-close look at Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg portraying their video game counterparts in Nathan Drake and Sully.

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The action-packed trailer shows how Nathan becomes Sully’s protege, joining him on his hunt for an ancient piece of treasure. Nathan’s brother, Sam, also comes into frame having left Nate “one final clue” that could lead him in the right direction.

Actor Antonio Banderas appears in the trailer as an unnamed ruthless villain, searching for the same treasure Nate and Sully are after.

Although the trailer is short, it shows that the framework for the movie will be similar to that of the games, with Nathan and Sully on a dangerous quest for buried treasure while shooting down some bad guys along the way.

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Uncharted casting and plot

As previously mentioned, Tom Holland has been cast as Nathan Drake, while Mark Wahlberg, who was once himself set to play that character, will now portray Sully, Nate’s mentor in the film.

nathan drakeSony
The first up-close look at Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland.

Given the age of both the actors, most people seem to believe that Uncharted will be a prequel set long before the first game, Drake’s Fortune. From the first trailer of the movie, it looks like the film will mesh together different plot points from the game franchise.

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