12-year-old Chilean YouTuber dies of brain cancer months after reaching 8m subs goal

Virginia Glaze
Chilean YouTuber passes away brain tumor
Instagram: @tomiii_11youtuber

A 12-year-old YouTuber from Chile, called Tomiii11, has passed away due to a brain tumor, just months after reaching his ambitious goal of eight million subscribers.

The Chilean YouTube community has poured out its love for Tomii11, a youngster whose biggest dream was to become a famous YouTuber. He would post IRL videos to his channel, and often played Minecraft, as well.

Tomás garnered a large amount of traction a few months ago after telling part of his story online, smashing several of his own subscriber goals along the way after increased exposure.

Within the span of a single day, he had accrued over 500,000 subscribers, bringing him well over the one million mark. Just a few months later, Tomás had reached a staggering eight million subs and even won several awards, such as the “Copihue de Oro” in the “YouTuber of the Year” category and the Giga Award for “Best YouTube Account” — not to mention a few sparkly play buttons.


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On the morning of August 30, Tomás’ family confirmed that the young creator had passed away due to his brain tumor, which had affected his eyes and other extremities.

Tomás’ uncle, Alejandro Blanch, spoke to Chilean outlet Meganoticias, claiming that his family was “dismayed” by the ordeal.


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“My brother and my sister-in-law are devastated,” he said. “We believe that it has really been a kind of sweet and sour. He has won all the awards. He only wanted to tell his story of daily life, his horses, chicks, and cats on his YouTube channel. It was very moving.”

The Chilean internet community is remembering the life of young Tomás in wake of his death, celebrating the accomplishments and achievements of one taken from this world far too soon.

What he leaves behind is a legacy of making dreams possible, and our hearts go out to all of his family and friends at this difficult time.