100 Thieves’ NoahJ456 reverses decision to leave YouTube days after announcement

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Popular YouTuber ‘NoahJ456’ reversed his surprise decision to leave the platform, and is staying on with a change of course in his content .

Update May 3

A couple of days since his May 1 announcement, NoahJ published a video revealing why he’s decided to postpone his YouTube retirement.

“Originally, ‘The End’ video was going to be the last video I ever uploaded on YouTube,” he said. But the outpour of reactions from fans of the impact NoahJ had on their lives caused him to change his mind.

NoahJ now expects to keep content creation on all of his channels regular but with a change of pace.

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“Everything will be back to normal,” NoahJ said. “A little bit of reinvigoration, on my part, trust me. Ya’ll gonna get some lectures, we’re going to teach you young whippersnappers out there how to treat other people.”

He was inspired by how many people said his videos “helped” them in their lives. He wants to build on that and make content that lets him “pass values on, pass empathy” to his fans.

Original story follows below:

NoahJ has been climbing the charts for years with extensive videos covering everything from Call of Duty: Warzone, CoD Zombies, Among Us, Resident Evil 8 as of late, and more.

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The content creator has been netting huge numbers on his channel to boot. He’s at the top of his game and his fans have been loving every minute of the YouTuber’s output.

That’s probably why a lot of people were taken by surprise when Noah announced he would be taking a step back from the platform. While it’s not expected to be a permanent move, Noah is leaving YouTube for the time being.

“I will be leaving after this video. I don’t know when I’ll be back. Don’t be sad because it’s over. You never know what the future holds,” he said. His latest upload was a compilation of his best moments from his channels, before saying farewell to his fans.

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The video was called “The End,” with NoahJ holding up a card with “I love you,” a last message of sorts to his huge following on the site.

The timing of his break couldn’t be more perfect. After putting out videos at a near-constant pace, NoahJ’s work has paid huge dividends for him in the last few weeks.

Just a day before announcing his leave, NoahJ eclipsed the 5 million subscriber mark on YouTube which adds to the 1.2 million following mark he has on Twitter.

It’s a huge moment for the American YouTuber and he’s going to take some time off on the heels of the accomplishment.

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When is NoahJ’s return to YouTube?

What’s getting some of his fans on edge is the sudden and indefinite nature of NoahJ’s YouTube leave.

Without much word as to why he’s taking a step back, the CoD content creator also left his fan base guessing as to when he’ll be back. But seeing the reactions to his announcement already has Noah wanting to comeback

Fans are mixed: they want Noah to comeback as soon as possible, but at the same time know their favorite YouTuber deserves a long break.

With 5 million subs in the bag, whenever NoahJ decides to return, he can set his sights on YouTube’s Diamond Creator Award given to channels with 10 million subscribers.

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